I’ve seen enough!  This season is all about short shorts and apparently it’s the year of “crotch shots!”  I feel dirty looking at fashion photographs in magazines and online editorials of models with their legs wide open…wearing the tiniest of bottoms and smoking a cigarette.  I mean, who in the “real world” actually sits like this?  But, that’s what makes them models…they can get away with awkward poses and tiny shorts!

I think the only way this “pose” might be considered appropriate would be in your brothers secret stash of dirty magazines!  Not in a fashion magazine, where the models are wearing $1000 shoes (that you hardly notice)!

If the designer and photographer were hoping to get our attention by shocking us with a detailed photo of the groin…they have made their point!  But for us in the real world, remember…this look isn’t flattering!  So, close those legs and keep it classy!