Tap Shorts

Summer’s here and we bet you can’t wait to get some sun on your legs; however, you may be thinking, “I’m a little bored with jean shorts.”  Don’t fret, there are other options– try some tap shorts!  They’re fetching, light-weight, and can be dressed up or down effortlessly.  While they were originally used for dance or as an undergarment, they are now worn as outerwear, and come in silk, cotton, lace, etc.  Who knew lingerie could be so versatile?

For a daytime, casual look, try them with a white camisole and a jean jacket or cardigan, and for a nighttime and more sophisticated look, sport them with a blazer, black tights, and some Mary Jane heels.  Whichever you choose, you’ll look chic– these shorts are the perfect balance of sexy and simple.

Chloe Shorts, Shopbop.com $295

Chloe tap shorts

Empire State Bottoms, Anthropologie.com $38

Anthropologie shorts