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When one thinks of classic femininity, high heels usually come to mind. The height that heels can add shape and elongate legs and create a kick-ass silhouette. No wonder even in modern times when ideas of femininity have been stretched to the limits women are still dying to squeeze their feet into sky-high shoes. Fashion role models, like Sex and the City’s famous character Carrie Bradshaw, glamorize tall shoes and makes it appear as if walking in them is a breeze! Us everyday women know that this is not always the case and because of that there has been an on-going debate between heels or flats?

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Heels are known for causing chronic back pain and knee joint problems in women who wear them regularly. These are just the long-term effects and that doesn’t include trips, falls, and some pretty gnarly spills (I recently suffered one recently that took my right ankle out of commission for a while).  Where as in the past when women were trained to wear heels from an early age, in modern times young girls usually don’t attempt to seriously wear heels until around puberty and when they finally are expose they opt for tall stilettos. These can be harder to walk in then their shorter, chunkier siblings. The heels they wear are also typically on the cheap side (gotta love Wet Seal and their low prices) and therefore cannot really offer the support needed in places like the balls of the feet.

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So what does a stylish girl do? Wearing heels can make you feel sexy and powerful and flats sometimes cannot offer that kind of ego boost. Also, we are now being told by sources like Cosmopolitan Magazine that wearing heels can shape our booties and calves. My advice is to stick to lower heights and keep the haute couture heights for special occasions. I also suggest investing in heels that are higher quality. You feet will thank you and plus they will remain a staple in your closet for a long time.  And follow one simple rule, if you are struggling to walk in the heels… then opt out for the flats because no one looks sexy when they are walking like a crane.

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