It seems that leather sofas are back in a big way this year. They have lost the bachelor pad reputation and can be found in homes across the country. But because of this boom in sales some places are trying to sell cheap leather for top prices, so before you step foot in any store it’s important to understand the types of leather out there and their characteristics as there are several types of great leather to keep an eye out for.
image of Leather Sofas
One of the most basic types of leather sofas available is made from corrected grain. This has a protective coating which gives a uniformed feel to the leather and makes it fairly soft, while being exceptionally durable.

If you are looking for a high level of protection while still maintaining a softness to your leather sofas then the fine grain leathers are for you. Fine grain leathers have a luxuriously soft feel while being highly protected; this is a great option for leather sofas that will be used every day.

Natural waxed hides are growing in popularity at the moment. They are one of the most natural looking hides available for leather sofas. All the natural elements (some might call them imperfections), such as original scarring and colors are left in to give natural waxed leather hides an original, unique look. These leather sofas are prone to scratching and may discolor, however they will re-color when rubbed or when protective cream is applied. Natural waxed hides come with a light coating of protection to allow the hide to shine through.

If you are looking for a touch of luxury in your leather sofas than look no further than full aniline leather, this is one of the softest leathers on the market. The leather is soft because there is very little protective coating, allowing the softness of the natural hide to come through. Full aniline leather often come as designer leather sofas and are dyed so they do not scratch like natural wax hides, but it is recommended you use protective creams on them about 4 times a year.