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Wood Adds A Contemporary Twist

When it comes to home decor, wood is in the spotlight this year. Not only is it being used for furniture and cabinetry; designers are incorporating wood details into wall panels, and home interiors. The use of wood creates great accents and textures in the home. Coupled with the eco-friendly movement, the design world has embraced natural wood with much enthusiasm. And it appears consumers are just as enthusiastic about this new trend!

Let’s start with decor: layering wood textures and accents ties the indoors to the outdoors. Additionally it’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to enhance your interiors with nature’s own sculptures. You can add “found” branches to floor vases and driftwood to tabletops. Eco design embraces the beauty that exists in wood and places its character on display in the form of home decor.

wood floor planks as wall paneling

solid wood headboard

refurbished wood doors used as a headboard

wood side tables and trims

twig lighting

We can’t forget about how glamorous wood furniture can look. When I think of furniture, I think of dining tables — but wood can be used to make many amazing pieces beyond the dining room. On top of that, wood furniture can take any shape and can be simple, modern, ornate, or vintage looking. Wood furniture tends to be better on the environment, it is incredibly durable and will outlast furniture made of other materials by years. Looking for some great basic pieces for your home? Try this oak here from the furniture market.

Here are a few favorites found online that will bring the trend of natural wood into your home too.

wood dining tables

knotty wood coffee table

wood wall paneling, light & dresser

twig side table

wood kitchen table

Don’t believe wood furniture and decor is a big movement? It’s listed as one of the Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade.


Retro Decor For Your Home

Creating a Hollywood Glamour / Mad Men Era / Retro home environment is a great way to add excitement to your home thanks to the bright colors, engaging patterns and the funky feel that are pertinent to the style of the 1960’s. Don’t be shy, show your nostalgia for one of they greatest decades…here are some ideas for how you can get the retro look at home.

image of Retro Curved Upholstered bedframe

Incorporate curved period style furniture into your home. Curved upholstery in bold colors or geographic prints fit right into the 1960’s period design scheme. A curved headboard is a great way to accomplish the 60’s vibe. This bedroom is made complete with the graphic print bedding, side chairs, graphic artworks and honeycomb decorative details.

image of Retro Sofa and side chair

Add feature furniture to your living room. Buy a retro sofa and side chair that are so brilliant they deserve to be the center of attention. Play down all surrounding decor and furnishing to help ‘feature’ the furniture. Keep walls and rugs neutral in color to complete the look.

image of striped walls

Paint walls with bold stripes, creating a two-tone effect using one dramatic hue for pure impact (black and white is solid choice).  Finish the look by adding statement decor, and solid color furniture.

image of Mixed Pattern Decor

Mix and match patterns to successfully complete the vintage family room scheme. Make sure the mix and match color palette is complementary. Geographic prints should be mixed with other graphic prints, stripes and solid colors. While florals should be mixed with other florals, stripes and solids.

image of large scale floral wallpaper

Choose large scale floral prints for your walls and fabric. The floral wallpaper effect is best pulled off on high-ceiling rooms because they have more space to display the pattern. Keep color palettes simple in rooms with colorful floral prints.

image of texture wallpaper

Give your wall a 3D effect with textured wallpapers. Textures create the perfect amount of stylishness without looking over done. This is my favorite look from the 60’s. Someday my house will be covered with textured walls (and hopefully leather walls).

image of retro chandelier

Incorporate a statement chandelier for the ultimate Hollywood glamour lighting.

To make your home decor interesting, learn about more Hollywood Glamour styles at UKTV and try to reinterpret them with help of modern materials. Or you can do the opposite and try and make modern things look a bit retro!

Extending Your Living Room To Your Events

We’ve covered home decor extensively on Style Bust. The topic of decor and furniture trends come up frequently since the home environment is an extension (or reflection) of our personal style and fashion. Like fashion, home decor has 4-5 seasons per year. So there is never a shortage of new and exciting colors and prints to add to your home. Home decor and furniture also has its short lived fads, like in fashion, that we need to steer clear of. Otherwise we’ve broke the bank on something that’s ‘so last season’…it’s embarrassing when that happens. Luckily furniture retailers like IKEA, West Elm and cb2 make affordable, modern, fashion-forward furniture and decor. These retailers allow us to properly furnish and accessorize our apartments and homes with pieces in the correct sizes, colors, patterns, textures, etc. for our personal style. And now we can all live comfortably and within our personal style at home.

But what happens when big events in life come along that we are accountable for styling? The big events I’m talking about are weddings, dinner parties, charity events, fashion shows, and so on. How do we properly furnish and decorate event spaces to meet our personal style aesthetics? There are a plethora of furniture rental companies that have us covered. Whether it’s chair hire for fashion events, table decor, rugs, or lighting that we need; nowadays with an easy google search we can find event rental companies to hire. You can find rentals, like the ones shown below in nearly every major city around the globe. Tip: Be sure that the furniture and decor you rent goes with the color palette of the venue.

image of animal print event decor

image of colorful dinner event decor

image of mid century inspired decor

image of wedding lounge area decor

If you are unsure what type of decor suits you, or your event best. Read up on leading decor and furniture trends in 2012 in Interior New York Magazine.

Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

There is a lot to consider when shopping for bedroom furniture. Dimensions, room size, durability (especially if you have children) and aesthetics. Of course you want something that looks great!

Why not decide on a theme? Oak and pine furniture look very elegant and grown-up. Both woods are hard-wearing and will last a long time. If you opt for oak or pine furniture, make sure your room is on the larger side, or your bedroom could end up looking rather cramped and uninviting.image of Oak Bedroom Furniture

If your room is large and you have extra money to spend, why not have your bedroom designed and fitted specifically to your tastes. Many furniture stores offer deals and discounts when you buy everything from them. By doing this, you can ensure every piece of furniture coordinates. Going with this options allows you to have input every step of the way – the result will be a bedroom that is tailored to you and your needs, as well as a design you love. Shop around to get the best deal and be sure to check out the furniture guarantee.

image of dark pine bedroom furniture

Smaller rooms call for lighter furniture, and not just in color. That four-poster cherry wood bed may have looked fantastic on the shop floor, but if you don’t have any floor space left when you get it into your bedroom, it will be a bit inconvenient. Sofa beds are a great compromise for a small room and are available in a range of colors and styles. Sofa beds are also ideal for studio apartments too. Make sure the bed you desire is suitable for everyday usage (not all of them are) to ensure you get the most out of the furniture.

image of sofa beds

image of Multifungsi-Sofa-Bed-Design-from-Momentoitalia

Many online stores often have good deals on bedroom furniture if money is a bit tight to shell out all at once, and their guarantees mean if anything goes wrong, you will be covered for replacements or repair, providing the item is still under warranty.

Finding the Best Leather Sofas

It seems that leather sofas are back in a big way this year. They have lost the bachelor pad reputation and can be found in homes across the country. But because of this boom in sales some places are trying to sell cheap leather for top prices, so before you step foot in any store it’s important to understand the types of leather out there and their characteristics as there are several types of great leather to keep an eye out for.
image of Leather Sofas
One of the most basic types of leather sofas available is made from corrected grain. This has a protective coating which gives a uniformed feel to the leather and makes it fairly soft, while being exceptionally durable.

If you are looking for a high level of protection while still maintaining a softness to your leather sofas then the fine grain leathers are for you. Fine grain leathers have a luxuriously soft feel while being highly protected; this is a great option for leather sofas that will be used every day.

Natural waxed hides are growing in popularity at the moment. They are one of the most natural looking hides available for leather sofas. All the natural elements (some might call them imperfections), such as original scarring and colors are left in to give natural waxed leather hides an original, unique look. These leather sofas are prone to scratching and may discolor, however they will re-color when rubbed or when protective cream is applied. Natural waxed hides come with a light coating of protection to allow the hide to shine through.

If you are looking for a touch of luxury in your leather sofas than look no further than full aniline leather, this is one of the softest leathers on the market. The leather is soft because there is very little protective coating, allowing the softness of the natural hide to come through. Full aniline leather often come as designer leather sofas and are dyed so they do not scratch like natural wax hides, but it is recommended you use protective creams on them about 4 times a year.

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Review

It’s not too late to catch up on the year’s hottest new trends in home, workplace, and hospitality furnishing designs.

Every year, top industrial and furniture design firms from all over the world showcase their wares at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair hosted at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. One of the biggest events in the interior design world with around 40,000 attendees, this year’s NeoCon, held from June 14-16, displayed thousands of new products from big companies and individual designers alike in over 700 exhibits. Roaming through the colorful and animated floors of the trade fair, one can see the concepts of lounge chairs, living room tables, office workstations, and lighting being stretched, remolded, and played with in every way imaginable. Here are some of this year’s highlights for and some of my favorites of the seating category. Who knows which of these fresh designs could be soon finding its way into spaces near you?

TMC Furniture’s cutting edge ImPrinted printing technique allows screen prints of photos, texts, and graphics to be applied to surfaces of chairs, lounge seating, and tables. So pretty!

Twist Chair by Sandler Seating. Twist and shout!

Adeo Chair by JANUS et Cie. So peaceful! So pure! So zen! Plus a place to store Nylon!

On Time by Sedia Systems. Anything with bold color is awesome. The seat folds up and sides fold in for easy stacking.

Furniture by Tim Byrne

Tim Byrne designs and builds some amazing desks and tables that I thought would be worth sharing. The pieces are made from old industrial machines that most of us wouldn’t think of reconstructing into anything because, let’s face it, we’re not creative or awesome like Tim Bryne. He typically combines his desks and tables with glass, African mahogany, Rosewood to make pieces that are truly amazing for any home to have.

Jean Paul Gaultier Interior Designs for Roche Bobois

Jean Paul Gaultier’s new collaboration with upscale French furniture line Roche Bobois marks his reentry into the home design market. While details are scarce at this time, the French designer is giving us a glimpse of his interior skills with the Elle Decoration Suite, his makeover of the former Parisian apartment of ’30s-era architect Jacques Carlu, according to a press release. Open to the public from May 8 until October 2011, the Roche Bobois-sponsored suite features nautical and natural details, such as navy striped walls and garden prints.

“Clothes are my vocation, and as I only know how to dress, I dressed this Elle Decoration Suite… with various notes that already reside in my collections,”

Gaultier says in the release, citing green, marine, reflective and satin influences.

Jean Paul Gaultier Elle Decoration Suite Interior Designs bathroom
img of Jean Paul Gaultier Elle Decoration Suite Interior Designs stripesimg of Jean Paul Gaultier Elle Decoration Suite Interior Designs barbie bedroom
image of Jean Paul Gaultier Elle Decoration Suite Interior Designs outdoor space

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