A new trend that’s catching steam is adding feather extensions to your hair. In several local festivals I’ve seen booths offering feather bundles, but most of the time they’re offering the thick, straight feather you would most likely use for crafting. Which can look dramatic since those are normally thicker, but the ones I’m in love with are Fine Featherheads.



This is one of those things that spreads like wildfire, a co-worker got them and within weeks, me, her sister and her best friend got them as well and we all love them. I used to dye my hair black and now I’m waiting to outgrow the dye and be able to add other colors to my hair. Using the feathers has been great, it gives me the hint of color I’ve been craving.


What makes these different from normal feathers is that they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened or curled to match your hairstyle. The site Photo Gallery has great pics of real women, kids, dogs and one guy with their extensions


fine featherheads

There are different types of Featherheads and the price will vary depending on which extension you choose.
Original Featherheads – Seven feathers pre-bundled together and bonded at the tip.

Wispers – Individual feathers for a small statement, which can be combined in a bundle of 3 or more.

Accents – These have the look of a traditional feather for a bigger impact.


Because I was unsure if I would like them I went for a subtle look I could easily hide for work meetings, but next time I’m going for the Original Featherheads. When you make your appointment, check with the hair stylist first to see which colors or types she or he has to offer. The website offers a list of Local Providers. The following is a clip where I show you my friend’s, and my own extensions.


Update to this post. I just saw on Sephora’s site the Sultra Feathers, which are do-it-yourself clip-ons. Great concept, saves you a trip to the hair saloon and you can take them off whenever you want.


And one more update to this post. Now that feather extensions have become so popular it has come to the blogosphere attention the possible mistreatment of animals, mainly roosters, for their feathers. Fine Featherheads posted this information on their blog “Where do Fine Featherheads’ feathers come from.”