Choosing the right bikini goes beyond just a fav color or look. Your suit has to fit your body shape and compliment your particular dips and curves. You are probably tired of last year’s bikini and have begun your trek for a new and more spectacular suit. Don’t let this decision overwhelm you, the good news is there are some delicious choices and styles for the season that are designed to impress.
First, you need to know that vintage is back. The sultry and curvaceous Marilyn Monroe suit has made a return to the runway and has a modern twist. The shorts style bottoms and sexy support top that Marilyn was known for has been updated with belts and cut outs. Another hot trend is the mismatched look: a different bottom and top in colors that complement each other and you. In your search for the perfect bikini you will also be seeing a lot of digital prints. There are some incredibly sizzling prints including seascapes, city landscapes and full animal prints. Many of these offer alternating print styles that compliment and accent the body. The always popular Greek Goddess look has returned, bringing luscious wraps and one shoulder twists. This style is a definite eye-catcher, but be sure to select the color that works with your skin tone and highlights your tan.

So, now that you may have decided on the style, you need to focus on the color that is totally yours. You need to start with your hair and skin tone. Blondes or those with light brown hair and a medium skin tone should be looking at the dark reds, cinnamon, persimmon and earth tones. Don’t buy anything in a dark gray or black. If you have dark toned skin with dark brown or black hair, you are in luck. You can have the most fun with color. Your choice can be everything from the pastels in blues, greens, pinks, yellows and lavender to the vibrant candy colors as well as deep royal blues and dark purple. You definitely don’t want to get anything that is neutral, beige or in the olive green shades. Anyone with very light skin, especially if you have freckles and auburn or red hair to light blonde hair should be viewing those suits in the green tones. You should stay away from lime green, yellow and orange. Girls with very dark skin and hair can have fun with pastels and pastel prints. The palest yellow, mint, pinks and light blues are the best choice for you. Avoid at all costs the brown, white and orange shades. Light brown or olive toned skin and medium to dark brown hair: your colors can include army or khaki green, black, taupe, light blues and tangerine. Stay completely away from gray, brown and mustard. If you have a very light skin tone and dark hair you need to stay in the family of blues. Any of the shades of blues will do including turquoise, navy and ocean blue. You can also have fun with plum, emerald and fuchsia, but steer clear from the oranges and whites.