Choosing the right bikini goes beyond just a fav color or look. Your suit has to fit your body shape and compliment your particular dips and curves. You are probably tired of last year’s bikini and have begun your trek for a new and more spectacular suit. Don’t let this decision overwhelm you, the good news is there are some delicious choices and styles for the season that are designed to impress.
First, you need to know that vintage is back. The sultry and curvaceous Marilyn Monroe suit has made a return to the runway and has a modern twist. The shorts style bottoms and sexy support top that Marilyn was known for has been updated with belts and cut outs. Another hot trend is the mismatched look: a different bottom and top in colors that complement each other and you. In your search for the perfect bikini you will also be seeing a lot of digital prints. There are some incredibly sizzling prints including seascapes, city landscapes and full animal prints. Many of these offer alternating print styles that compliment and accent the body. The always popular Greek Goddess look has returned, bringing luscious wraps and one shoulder twists. This style is a definite eye-catcher, but be sure to select the color that works with your skin tone and highlights your tan.