ideeli, on of the fastest-growing, members-only online flash site, announced that Katrina Szish (pictured below) will join them through the holiday season as a fashion and lifestyle contributor. Szish, is an authority on lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and beauty trends. In addition to her new role with ideeli, Szish is a style contributor for CBS News “The Early Show,” a correspondent for TB’ “Movie & A Makeover” and she is editor-in-chief of the online fashion magazine, (which is a site I was not familiar with…did you know about it?).

image of Katrina Szish

At ideeli, Szish will break down and demystify the holiday season’s most important lifestyle, fashion, and beauty trends for members, and serve as the company’s primary broadcast spokesperson.

The holiday season can be both thrilling and stressful for shoppers as they navigate a crowded and confusing retail landscape….ideeli already has built a reputation for providing members with a fun, friendly and relevant shopping experience. The holiday lineup will offer even more opportunities for the stylish and financially-savvy, and I look forward to contributing my own expertise to help eliminate the stress and focus on the thrill.

says Katrina Szish.