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Spring 2012 Fashion hits the pages

Spring 2012 fashion campaigns are starting to surface and as far as I can tell, there is no clear-cut set of trends.  This Spring, photographers and designers are having a ‘come as you are’ moment, where there is a little something for everyone.

Here’s a look at the bigger picture behind the Spring 2012 season.

Balenciaga Spring 2012

The exaggerated (yet classic) cool girl

Chanel Spring 2012

Modernity meets traditional – very Karl Lagerfeld

Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2012

Barbie doll meets the modern housewife

Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2012

The Italian family – glamorous and possibly dysfunctional

Givenchy Spring 2012

Gisele Bundchen as the leather clad mermaid

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

Too precious to be unwrapped

Prada Menswear Spring 2012

Haunted by the ghost of Elvis (gotta love a little Michael Pitt)

Valentino Spring 2012

Folkloric and seductively calm


Eddie Bauer Blogger Day 2011

If there is one thing I have learned from October 26’s Eddie Bauer Blogger Day, it is that picking out an outfit for someone else to wear is significantly more difficult than it sounds.  Dressing someone else is the best way to see your own sense of style reflected back to you.  And let me tell you, as a person who, at a particularly fashionably rebellious stage in my teens, wore sheer pants and a Metallica t-shirt to a family bible summer camp, I was a nervous wreck to see what my personal style looked like standing right in front of me.  Style bloggers from around the country were invited to attend Eddie Bauer Blogger Day to celebrate their new line of holiday clothing and accessories, and were asked to dress a model (male or female, or both — I chose both) using the new line of clothing.  After perusing the store for about thirty minutes, I found the outfit for my female model.  And after a mere eighty minutes and two failed attempts, I finally found the outfit for my male model.  After all was said and done, I was finally happy with my two looks, which I have decided to name “Suck it, Miami!  Sitting by a hearth in Vermont is WAY more fun.”  Leaving the event that night, I realized two important points that will prove crucial for any soon-to-be style bloggers out there: 1) dressing a model with a cameraman following you is a situation that would be improved significantly if booze was offered, and 2) never arrive first to an event when you haven’t thoroughly reviewed the press release.  Special thanks to the gracious hosts, the Eddie Bauer Market Place staff and Mark Holcomb, for inviting Style Bust and allowing me my very first opportunity to test out my stylist skills.

Logo Tourist of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Logo Tourist is a project by Risto-Jussi Isopahkala mixing landmarks with logos. Risto-Jussi Isopahkala was born in 1976. He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

image of logo tourist_arc-de-triomphe

ideeli brings in Katrina Szish for their Holiday Campaign

ideeli, on of the fastest-growing, members-only online flash site, announced that Katrina Szish (pictured below) will join them through the holiday season as a fashion and lifestyle contributor. Szish, is an authority on lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and beauty trends. In addition to her new role with ideeli, Szish is a style contributor for CBS News “The Early Show,” a correspondent for TB’ “Movie & A Makeover” and she is editor-in-chief of the online fashion magazine, (which is a site I was not familiar with…did you know about it?).

image of Katrina Szish

At ideeli, Szish will break down and demystify the holiday season’s most important lifestyle, fashion, and beauty trends for members, and serve as the company’s primary broadcast spokesperson.

The holiday season can be both thrilling and stressful for shoppers as they navigate a crowded and confusing retail landscape….ideeli already has built a reputation for providing members with a fun, friendly and relevant shopping experience. The holiday lineup will offer even more opportunities for the stylish and financially-savvy, and I look forward to contributing my own expertise to help eliminate the stress and focus on the thrill.

says Katrina Szish.

Divine Rights of Denim exclusively at Forever 21

image of Divine Right of Denim for forever21

Divine Right of Denim may not be considered a premium denim brand to everyone, their jeans range between $75-$100 (expensive? Meh). I think we all can agree that brand seems a bit expensive and out of place for Forever 21, right?

Wrong, as of October 1, 2010 Divine Rights of Denim is selling a maiden collection exclusively at the thousands of Forever 21’s around the globe. The kicker is that this ‘maiden’ collection at Forever 21 retails for only $30 a pair. The collection is rather limited, only featuring three silhouette; skinny, straight, and (of course) jeggings. Each silhouette is sold in a variety of washes.

The brand claims that the quality of the $30 denim at Forever 21 has not been compromised. If this is so, then I think all of us Divine Right of Denim wearing girls have been ripped off (paying $100 a pop) for years. It’s frustrating isn’t it. It seems that as soon as brands hit their climax, they get into this crazy vertical segmentation crap and instantly lose their cool factor with the early adopters. Ladies, we can never stay ahead of the masses these days.

So, I guess if you’re looking for great denim at a bargain you should run off to your local Forever 21 for Divine Rights of Denim. If you buy anything from the collection, please let me know if the quality is that of ‘premium denim’.

Blog Bust:

This blog aims to wean hipster men from their iconic t-shirts (some of which were probably purchased at, sad I know) and transform their taste buds into something more creative. features an extensive video collection which will help men learn how to achieve great style at great prices. See Patrick Grant’s video titled: How I get Dressed, shown below to get a taste of what this site is about.

Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed from Chris Floyd on Vimeo.

If you’re man isn’t following this blog, get him to, pronto!

J.Crew Makes Fashion Forward Girls Clothing, Us Women Are Out Of Luck!

It’s sort of sad to see how fashionable J.Crews kids, aka “Crewcuts” clothing is for Fall. The girls line in particular might be more fashion forward than J.Crew’s womens line (ouch).

I work in corporate retail in the Bay Area, and there are few retailers headquarters here, so my work options are pretty limited. Even though children’s clothing isn’t exactly my thing, I’ve interviewed with Gymboree. I’ve also had friends Tea Collection and Sweet Pea – so I keep a pretty close eye on kid’s clothing. And I’m telling you, that to my knowledge no other mainstream children’s retailer appears to be as ‘on trend’ as the Fall 2010 Crewcuts collection.

I’m in my late twenties, and I would honestly turn to the Crewcuts lookbook for outfit inspiration if i was feeling uninspired. I obviously don’t own a tulle skirt, but you get my drift.

image of jcrew kids blazer

Peep her nails. Great color for the muted ensemble huh?

image of jcrew kids leggings

If I didn’t look so awkward in leggings, I’d rock them with the shorter layered shirts like this too.

image of jcrew kids layered look

Great colors for Fall 2010. The bright blue Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is adorable.

image of jcrew kids skinnt pants and boots

Turquoise nail polish, holla!

image of jcrew kids powder puff jacket

Powder jacket and tulle skirt, yes, only a kid can get away with this. Um, and whats up with this models poses? Open arms? I don’t link it. Launches, a Private Sale Site

eziba-logo unveiled earlier this week. Eziba is an exclusive, flash sale site featuring the latest home decor products from many leading brands, at great prices. If you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll fill you in on how Flash Sales Sites work, the site works with retailers and brands to create a short term sale that usually lasts a couple of days max, and is selling items near 50% of their original retail price. Established sales sites include Gilt Groupe, One Kings Lane, Ideeli, Ruelala and Hautelook (Beyond the Rack is crap…don’t even register to be a member, it’s not worth it).

The best part about is they can leverage some of the benefits of, such as $2.95 for shipping on ALL orders. Most sales sites charge $10 for shipping regardless of weight or price of your order, so this is a big win for Eziba – also remember Eziba is selling home decor, which obviously, tends to be heavier than um say a little black dress.

Oh, and if you’re already an existing member just sign in using your current username and password and start shopping!

Examples of some current sales on

image of Farouk Chi Hair Tools Sale

Farouk Chi Hair Tools Sale


image of KitchenAid Stand Mixer Sale

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Sale

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