image of Samatha Whelan 2010

Sam has been an important part of Style Bust’s growth since April 2010 when she began as Style Bust’s first guest blogger (yes, she even started before my sister Jessi). Sam has a great eye for style, trends and writing kick-ass compelling stories, and that’s mainly why I dig her. I catch her on her personal blog called Keen Emerald City to get a little more insight into her personal life…she seems to be having a pretty good time up in Seattle. I spent some time getting to know Sam a little better and asked her the following questions.

Style Bust: How did you become interested in fashion?
I can’t remember. I think I’ve always been interested in it since my days of Barbie and Pretty Pretty Princess. My mom was a bona fide fashionista herself so i think its in my blood.

Style Bust: Describe your personal style.
That’s tricky because I feel like I am always shifting. I will tell you what most people call me (and I can’t really disagree)… hipster. I can agree with that because I like being trendy but on the alternative end. I think my look is consistently eclectic and I have a lot of urban influence. Majority of my wardrobe is second hand but that DOES NOT mean that its full of ugly ’70s get ups and cheesy 1950’s dresses. No offense to those who really dig on the whole retro thing, but it isn’t my cup of tea.
image of Sam Whelan eating
Style Bust: You have two websites right now, and How did you get into blogging?
I was applying for American Apparel actually and they asked for a I was like, “what the hell is that?” and become instantly interested. I started my own style blog and I soon stopped posting to lookbook (they’re wayyy to pretentious for my taste) but I kept the blog.
Style Bust: I haven’t gotten into Lookbook, Polyvore or Chictopia, etc. because I have the same feelings..pretentious.

Style Bust: What’s your main inspiration for creating new blog entries?
My main goal is to teach other people to be great bargain shoppers. I like to show people my recent finds, how I incorporate them into my daily life, and how they can find great items at vintage and second hand shops. I like to follow current runway trends and base my search at stores around them and then show others how it all comes together. I think a lot there is a lot of misconceptions about thrift store shopping and the kind of stuff you’ll find when browsing and I want to smash those thoughts into a million smithereens.

Style Bust: Do you have advice for others who want to get into blogging?
Don’t worry if you don’t have like 4389,3492803,0934208 followers, god knows I don’t! Just have fun, have a nice mix of writing and cool pictures to look at and you’ll be good. The people will come when the time is right.

Style Bust: What is your favorite fashion blog to visit?
Besides style bust? Haha. S.t.r.u.t.t.; i love they way it is laid out, the girl who runs it is gorgeous, and its always a delight to look at.

Style Bust: Is there anything you want Style Bust readers to know about you?
As a style blogger, I like to think of myself as pretty down to earth. I just want to show the rest of the world that you don’t have to be a waif thin, raccoon eyed, super rich snob to have great style, nice clothes, and a good attitude. Its hard living in a world where you’re supposed to pretend that you don’t give a fuck what the world thinks of you when its human nature and I want others to know its OKAY to be self aware and self conscious. As Kanye says, “We’re all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it”.
image of Samatha Whelan