Time to get to work! Now that we can get a rejuvenating night’s sleep and walk around without tripping over stuff, there are really no more excuses to put off that cover letter or menu plan (“But…I have to catch up on old seasons of Design Star!”). Home desks are where we work after a hard day at school or the office, so naturally, it is very important to select a desk design that fits your style and function needs. To those—like me—who feel stifled or bored to tears by more traditional desks, good news! Using the aesthetic principles of Japanese design is a great way to find furniture that is functional, calming yet energizing, freeing, and fresh.

Scroll through this if you’ve already read it:

• Kanso: simplicity and elimination of clutter. Key word: clarity
• Fukinsei: asymmetry or irregularity. Relax—imperfections are what make life beautiful and engaging!
• Shibumi: elegant, understated, minimalistic. Less is more.
• Shizen: organic. Raw creativity with a purpose.
• Yugen: subtle suggestions rather than statements. Think well-placed splashes of color.
• Datsuzoku: freedom from the day-to-day and ordinary. Let a few things in your home take you away from home.
• Seijaku: active calm, tranquility. Still, but never stagnant.

Verona Desk by Inmod.com

Built-in storage tray, clean lines, and airy design make this desk a winner. Plus–made with sustainably harvested oak!

Modern Expresso by Overstock.com The angled

Angled black legs give the illusion of movement.

In other words, when searching for desks infused with a Japanese flair, look for:
• Natural materials (wood) in a rustic synergy with metals and glass.
• Darker colors, coolness or muted warmth.
• Keywords: contemporary, modern (straight lines, clean angles, solid shapes)
• Minimal or no drawers (drawers = clutter).
• A look of frozen animation or captured energy. Furniture has moods too-if it seems dull to you, don’t get it.
• Tip: avoid sterile, sleek, industrial designs of chrome and glass that are immaculate but lifeless.

Hendrix Desk by Crate and Barrel

I know this breaks the “no drawer” rule, but it is simply perfection with its asymmetric drawer designs. Plus that rustic wood!

Pheonix Work Table at Crate and Barrel

From the website: “Handcrafted from reclaimed telephone poles, the incredible character of these unique tables stems from true distressing by time and nature.” Yeah. Yeah. You read right. Reclaimed TELEPHONE POLES. That’s right. Uh huh. I know.

Tips for desk placement to maximize energy flow (or just freedom of movement and widening of spaces):
• Place desks by sunlit windows.
• Avoid corner desks.
• If you can, set your desk away from the edges of the wall and face them toward the room. The effect may surprise you.

I would LOVE to work here!

And that’s it for this week!