Fashion Bloggers have made it big!  We’ve seen Tavi in the front row at New York fashion week, Rumi has designed a line and models for RVCA and now Forever21 and Coach have partnered up with a few of the top fashion bloggers!

Danny Roberts a California based artist has created graphic t-shirts with portraits of bloggers for Forever21 (they hit stores today)!  The portraits on the shirts are of the bloggers behind Pandora, Because I’m Addicted, Fashion Squad, Style Bytes, and Alice Point.

All t-shirts are available online at Forever21 for $14.80!

Now lets move onto Coach!  I am a handbag person…and I was really impressed with what I saw on the Coach website!  I was never a huge fan of Coach handbags (they seemed a little gaudy for my taste)… until now!

Coach has collaborated with the style bloggers behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, What Is Reality Anyway, the Glamourai, and Karla’s Closet to design signature handbags!

Some serious arm candy!  And a good move for Coach…by having these “guest” designers, they’ll be reaching to a different market…a younger and more modern market!  BRAVO!

All of these handbags are available for a limited time online at Coach.   Prices range from $398-$498.