Every few years, we’ll see a celebrity in a movie or on the red carpet with a new hairstyle and shortly after, you’ll see that same style on the streets.  Take Sienna Miller’s hair in Factory Girl for example!

Lately, I’ve been noticing a hairstyle that seems to be catching on, and I’m a little concerned!  The Bowl Cut is making a comeback!  Yikes!

image of bowl cut hair style

Way back in 1925, the bowl cut hairstyle was made famous by Moe from the Three Stooges, in the 60’s we saw a modern version of the bowl cut on the Beatles, and then again in the 80’s we saw this style on all the boys in our classroom!

And now, here it is again!  But this time it’s not just for boys.  Some of the trendiest ladies in Hollywood are sporting this style.

image of parker posey bowl cut hair style

image of lady gaga bowl cut hairdo

image of lady gaga bowl cut haircutEven Lady Gaga’s dancers are sporting the bowl cut!

image of agyness bowl cut haricut

image of estelle with a bowl cut haircut

Rihanna holds the position of the most extreme bowl cut I’ve seen yet….

image of rihanna with a bowl cut

Hairstyles are like fashion; cyclical and seasonal.  So if you’re thinking about getting this bowl cut style, think about it long and hard…because this style can’t be easy to grow out (good thing Rihanna has money for wigs and extensions)!

What do you think about the bowl cut?  Would you rock this style?