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ghd Stylers

One of the things I always believe in is that you get what you pay for in everything from cosmetics, clothing, shoes, hair products and stylers. Recently ghd gold series stylers came to my attention and now that I know more about them I’m aching to use one.
Ghd (acronym for “good hair day”) has been around for a decade with styling tools that made waves in the hair industry. Fast forward to today and you will find the gold series styler which is a more advanced take on the classic ghd styler.  The professional gold styler uses ghd’s latest heat technology. With a rounded barrel to create gorgeous curls, waves or flicks, as well as perfect straight styles for all hair types.



As I mentioned before, I haven’t tried the styler personally so I checked several sites to browse through their reviews and with hundreds of reviews these stylers consistently receive 4 to 5 stars; in spite of the fact that they’re not on the cheap side since each one costs over $200.
You can purchase ghd stylers at Sephora or selected salons, but if you want an extra kick, check out their limited collection Iconic Eras of Style, exclusively on their website.


Boho Chic
Sleeping Beauty woke up in the Boho seventies when parties were wild but the hair was relaxed.



Sleeping Beauty woke up in the fifties, when locks were as glamorous as the frocks.



New Wave
Sleeping Beauty woke up in the eighties, when the new wave was big but the hair was bigger.



Each collection contains:

  • ghd Gold Professional styler
  • Protective Plate guard
  • Heat resistant Iconic Era inspired styler bag
  • Two ghd sectioning clips
  • get-the-look book


Sport Shinny Hair

When I’m asked to style a model’s hair or coif a bride’s updo I look to products that can offer her sleek grooming, fierce HOLD and mahhh-jor shine! Three indispensable styling tools I go to are: Mason Pearson Brush, L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray, and Moroccan Oil.

Mason Pearson Brush

You remember sitting at the vanity mirror watching your mother brush her hair, if she was anything like my mom she’d brush endlessly back & forth; some nights we would even count the strokes. It’s not surprising, “regular brushing is essential to the condition of your hair, it’s vital to your scalp and it increases blood flow to the roots therefore producing a healthy sheen and your styling aids don’t have to work as hard” – it’s that simple! Bottom line, the Mason Pearson Brush is uber popular because it rids us of “bad hair days”. This buttery tool was made in London, if you’re gonna discriminate you know the Brits know something about style…so no duh!, make this your cosmetic accessory.

image of Mason Pearson Boar Bristle and Nylon Brush

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray is a legend.

It has changed the hair game and the very reason for jaw dropping expressions. This gold can finds its way into all the top salons, hairstylist kits and bathroom cupboards. Only recent did the gold-can make a U.S. landing and boy were we clamouring for it. Why is it beloved, what’s the big frickin deal — because it holds like armour but can be easily brushed out in a matter of seconds, especially by your Mason Pearson Brush [shameless plug]; from there, you can be on-to-the-next STYLE! C’mon what hairspray allows you that kind of freedom? This spray is exceptional, the hair never looks stiff; price isn’t stiff either. Pick it up at your neighborhood Target, there’s even a mini size for the tepid shopper.

image of L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray

Morocccan Oil

Unless your blind, we’ve all seen the orange & screaming turquoise blue label; it’s undeniable and it’s sweeping the beauty industry by storm. It’s all over Twitter too, Tweet-Tweet and have you gone to their website? If not, you should. This oil hydrates, calms and smoothes your tresses without heavy build up. Sure others have made the claim but this really works. Whether you need to control the fizz, protect your hair color, intensify your curl, OR hydrate & restore healthy hair this baby delivers!

What’s the base: “ARGAN OIL” – nothing more nourishing – there, I said it.

image of Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Products

Bottled Grey Beauties

It’s an epidemic. Aging beauties are taking any means necessary to stay youthful. Botox, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, you name it… women are shelling out the nickels and dimes to get it. Even young women are taking preemptive measures to ensure that their bodies are preserved to how they look while they are in their early twenties. But this is a bit extreme compared to the average American woman who will opt out for a box of cover-up hair dye and over the counter topical creams instead of going under the knife. But while women over thirty are fighting the clock, girls in their early to mid twenties are trying to rock the salt and pepper do.

No one can deny that the late Bea Arthur rocked the grey hair graciously during the duration of the Golden Girls but going grey and embracing it is very different than trying to achieve silver locks. Golden strands have been a beauty trademark for centuries but it started to get boring. Girls were becoming Blonde-orexics… trying their hardest to reach the blondest they can (often an almost white-blonde). But this got BORING. Red? Boring. Pink? Been there… done that. Blue and Purple? A little tacky. The frontier of hair color had been explored to its limits! … or so we all thought.

Grey was an untouched territory for young celebutaunts, socialites, and models. It was reserved for older men and women who were aging gracefully (or carelessly in some peoples opinion… not mine). How avant-garde and fresh! It has been described as “understated…classy…perfect”. Fashionistas like Pixie Geldof have decided it is time to embrace the evitable and just dye it grey now! Sure, this look can work if you’re a trailblazing eccentric celebrity who is trying to break the mold and explore new fashion grounds but what about the everyday woman? Can this look be pulled off by an ordinary young man or woman?

This weekend I had my first exposure to a young silver headed individual. I was at first perplexed (because I wasn’t sure if it was grey or light purple) but I soon realized that I was looking at the first leak of this untouchable trend in the real world and I was then intrigued. Was I intrigued because this look was flattering and beautiful? No. I was shocked and a little horrified. Just like rainbow hair or any unnatural hair color I feel like it ages this person I saw but not in the way you would think. They looked young… hot topic young and I can say that I won’t be trying out this trend anytime soon. I am a natural girl now after bleaching my hair and scalp to a state of permanent damage and I will wait for my locks to be seasoned by salt and pepper naturally when I am ripe and ready.

The Bowl Cut is making a comeback

Every few years, we’ll see a celebrity in a movie or on the red carpet with a new hairstyle and shortly after, you’ll see that same style on the streets.  Take Sienna Miller’s hair in Factory Girl for example!

Lately, I’ve been noticing a hairstyle that seems to be catching on, and I’m a little concerned!  The Bowl Cut is making a comeback!  Yikes!

image of bowl cut hair style

Way back in 1925, the bowl cut hairstyle was made famous by Moe from the Three Stooges, in the 60’s we saw a modern version of the bowl cut on the Beatles, and then again in the 80’s we saw this style on all the boys in our classroom!

And now, here it is again!  But this time it’s not just for boys.  Some of the trendiest ladies in Hollywood are sporting this style.

image of parker posey bowl cut hair style

image of lady gaga bowl cut hairdo

image of lady gaga bowl cut haircutEven Lady Gaga’s dancers are sporting the bowl cut!

image of agyness bowl cut haricut

image of estelle with a bowl cut haircut

Rihanna holds the position of the most extreme bowl cut I’ve seen yet….

image of rihanna with a bowl cut

Hairstyles are like fashion; cyclical and seasonal.  So if you’re thinking about getting this bowl cut style, think about it long and hard…because this style can’t be easy to grow out (good thing Rihanna has money for wigs and extensions)!

What do you think about the bowl cut?  Would you rock this style?

Grey Hair Feature in Sunday Times Style Magazine

Sunday Times Style Magazine

My boyfriend and I were watching American Idol last night and he made a comment about Lilly Scott’s grey hair. He didn’t understand why she’s purposefully color it grey. He also thought I sounded snotty, and “above the trend” to know that it was a popular hair color, which still makes me a little mad, because I don’t feel above the trend and definitely don’t think of myself as snotty.

I was determined to find a story, or lots of photos of young hipsters with grey hair to show him, and was relieved to find this article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine (although I’ve actually never heard of this magazine before). This story outlines the grey hair youth movement from east London, to models on the Paris catwalks. The story says that an understated grey is directional, classy and perfect right now. Apparently Victoria Beckham and Karen O are getting in on the act by letting their own silver strands peep through.

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