Day 12 of the 30-day Blogging Challenge asks that I share my celebrity crushes.

Regular readers my remember an earlier post I wrote about my main celebrity crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He will continue to be my main celebrity crush. Everything about him is just dreamy. He’s a great actor, he’s directed a short film that was selected for the Sundance Film Festival inĀ  2009. He runs, an online collaborative production company that shares its profits with contributing artists. He just sounds like a cool guy, doesn’t he?

My other main actor musician crush is Jason Schwartzman. He first won my heart in Rushmore in 1998. I think I’ve liked everything he’s been in, including Phantom Planet and Coconut Records.

image of Jason Schwartzman

I guess I have a thing for smaller, dark haired dudes…maybe it’s becuase I’m so blonde.