Plastic bags have pretty much been banned in San Francisco since 2007, but we still see these totes everywhere (floating around the streets, at your local corner store, stuffed under your kitchen sink, flapping from trees).   Yes, many plastic bags are reused every day (used to pick up your dogs poo, they line your trash cans, and are used as lunch bags).  But they are still bad for the environment and take months to hundreds of years to decompose.

Well, having that said, Josh Blackwell (a New York based artist) sees the beauty of these everyday mass-produced disposable objects.   He uses plastics bags as canvases to apply embroidery in simple patterns!  Ok…so, he’s not really saving the planet, but at least he’s aware.

I’m sure most of you aren’t going to go home and embroider your plastic bags, but maybe think twice when your local grocer asks, “do you need a bag?”