There is a yo-yo effect between ultra feminine and masculine influences in women’s fashion and each season, the balance is shifted to one side or the other. This season, menswear has made a splash and it’s hard to argue that this laidback and sophisticated trend is anything but ultra chic.

This trend can be hard to wear if you’re not careful. It can come across very “power-suit” and “formal”. The key to wearing this trend is well fitting pieces like a stand out blazer or a bowtie and incorporating it into your style, not letting it overwhelm your daily outfits. You want to look like you raided your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or brother’s closet for something to give the perfect final touch to your outfit, not because you needed to borrow a complete outfit.

If you are not brave enough to dive into broad shoulder blazers, long pressed work shirts, or even menswear inspired slacks… try out masculine shoes. Urban Outfitters has an amazing assortment of shoes that can add just enough “manliness” to any ultra feminine outfit.

This spring/summer trend is so easy to wear daily that it’s hard to pass up! If you are iffy about going out and buying brand new pieces to add to your closet, try a thrift store or ask to borrow something from a male in your life. I can promise that if you make an investment in a neutral but stylish menswear inspired basic, you will never regret it and will be able to wear it every season.