Sheer Clothing Fashion Trend Summer 2010

Skimpy just got classy has this trend slinks its way into summer 2010 fashion. Sheer fabric is something that isn’t only all over the runway but invading your local mall as well. Sheer fabric is becoming wearable by young fashionistas and reigning style queens alike and it is due to its new attitude. Sheer fabric doesn’t have to be reserved for pole dancers and nightwalkers anymore has it shape-shifts into cute summer tank tops, gorgeous gowns, and sleek nightwear.

Celebrities and the Sheer Clothing Fashion Trend Summer 2010

So let’s just say that you’re not 5’10, 110 pounds, small chest… how can you pull this off? I have been wondering this same thing since this trend was first predicted (I am 5’1, 123lbs, and have quite a large chest). At first glance, this trend can seem unwearable outside of the red carpet and the runway but there are ways you can incorporate it into your summer wardrobe without worrying about looking too hoochie mama; keep it simple and clean. If you are wearing a revealing sheer top, make sure you have an adequate bra or camisole to fit your comfort needs. Don’t push it too far and save it for special occasions. If you have a bigger chest, I suggest staying away from anything too tight.

Always make sure that fit comes before following and what I mean by that is do not participate in a trend if it simply doesn’t fit you. But if you’re feeling saucy and are ready for a little excitement, try switching out your boring tank top for a lace American Apparel top. You’ll feel cooler inside and out.