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Style Icon: Drew Barrymore

For some time now, I’ve been paying attention to Drew Barrymore’s style.  Sure, she’s worn some questionable outfits, but for the most part her look this year has been casual, and always cool!

image of Drew Berrymore

Drew Berrymore

images of Drew Berrymore

photo of Drew Berrymore

photos of Drew Berrymore

Drew’s overall style is effortlessly chic…you can tell she dresses to fit her personality, because she’s always so confident (even when she is channeling the 80’s)!

Keep and eye out for Drew Barrymore this month…with her new movie Going the Distance, you’ll see her all over celebrity magazines and late night talk shows.  Pay attention to her style…I think you’ll like what you see!

Gucci Guilty Commercial by director Frank Miller

If you’re a comic book reader, a graphic novel reader or a popular movie buff, you would probably be able to quickly identify the mastermind, Frank Miller, behind Gucci’s new commercial. Not only is the commercial directed by a well known guy, it also stars two fairly well known actors – the lovely Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans, with a soundtrack by Friendly Fires. This commercial is all about “the new fragrance for her” called Gucci Guilty.

The 60-second commercial (Gucci claim’s its a film…but who are they kidding) will be shown exclusively at the MTV music awards. The commercial was shot at Cinecitta’ Studios in Rome, which is the legendary home of Italian cinema. Wood speeds through the night in an exquisite 1953 Jaguar C-Type. The plot unfolds to the strains of Depeche Mode’s ‘Strangelove’, given a haunting new rendition by London-based band Friendly Fires. Wood plays the role opposite leading man Chris Evans with a bewitching, vivacious presence that evokes the seductive power of the fragrance.

Are you sold?

Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang

image of Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang closeup

Alexander Wang new ad campaign for “T” features the beautiful Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz daughter) in a line of cotton wardrobe basics. Zoe looks absolutely stunning in the photographs, and rumor has it, they’re plastered all over Manhattan – just in the for New York Fashion Week!

The T collection consists of leggings, tops, dresses and outerwear. T by Alexander Wang’s fall collection is now available for purchase via

image of Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang
image of Zoe Kravitz full body

Ms. Stone Keeps it Real

In the fashion realm, where models rule the runways, appear flawless in every fashion ad, and even look stunning off duty, it’s hard not to feel insecure.  We may, at times, even question, “Why can’t we look that good?”  What’s not to love about those long, lean legs, glowing complexions, and striking features?  While skinny is always in, modeling standards are becoming more realistic and models with some curves and “imperfections” are becoming highly admired.  The main model that comes to mind is Lara Stone.  Known for that conspicuous gap between her teeth, her atypical (for a model) size 6 figure, and freckles, she has certainly set the standard for unconventional beauty — and it’s about time!  Despite the unrelenting criticism this Dutch beauty has received for her weight, she is still one of the sexiest, sought-after models.  She’s walked for countless shows including, Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Chanel, Prada, Balmain, D&G, Prada, Anna Sui, and many more.  She’s graced the covers of international versions of Elle, in addition to Vogue, W, Harpers Bazaar, and Interview.  And in 2009, she was featured on the August 2009 cover of W, declaring her the most desired face.  Lara Stone

Without a doubt, Ms. Stone possesses natural beauty, something that we too often disregard.  And not only is it her natural beauty that draws us in, but also, it’s Stone’s confidence — she exudes a healthy esteem.

The notion of  imperfect beauty is setting precedence, and women are beginning to question conventional beauty.  Does it even exist?  Is it actually boring?  Whether it’s a set of freckles on your cheeks, a gap like Ms. Stone’s, or an uneven set of eyebrows, embrace it, cherish it.  After all, perfection is an illusion, so why strive for it?

Lara Stone naked with white blanket

Erin Wasson in Elle Italia

One of my favorite models-turned-designers-who-still-models ever, Erin Wasson was recently shot for Elle Italia in her Texan hometown. The photographs are spectacular.

Erin Wasson Vogue
image of Erin Wasson Elle Magazine
image of Erin Wasson Elle
image of Erin Wasson cowboy hat
image of Erin Wasson running

G-Star RAW Gallery at the Shanghai World Expo

Actress Liv Tyler is the new face of urban, street-wear brand G-Star. Liv’s duty as brand ambassador has taken her to Shanghai to welcome the temporary pop-up gallery called the G-Star RAW Gallery to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. This is a momentous event for G-Star as this year’s World Expo is expected to be the largest to date with more than 190 countries represented, and an expected attendance of over 70 million visitors.

The G-Star RAW Gallery is a glass pavilion which houses a presentation of the lines: Raw Essentials, the Liv Tyler inspired Low-T, and the proprietary Arc denim styles. G-Star took this opportunity to showcase their signature craftsmanship by producing custom-made tool jackets and traditional Chinese dresses, which were made exclusively out of denim (shown below).

Previously, the G-Star RAW Gallery has appeared at Tokyo Design Week 2008 and 2009 (during the World Expo) and made an appearance at this year’s Pitti Immagine Uomo.

Sheer Excitement

Sheer Clothing Fashion Trend Summer 2010

Skimpy just got classy has this trend slinks its way into summer 2010 fashion. Sheer fabric is something that isn’t only all over the runway but invading your local mall as well. Sheer fabric is becoming wearable by young fashionistas and reigning style queens alike and it is due to its new attitude. Sheer fabric doesn’t have to be reserved for pole dancers and nightwalkers anymore has it shape-shifts into cute summer tank tops, gorgeous gowns, and sleek nightwear.

Celebrities and the Sheer Clothing Fashion Trend Summer 2010

So let’s just say that you’re not 5’10, 110 pounds, small chest… how can you pull this off? I have been wondering this same thing since this trend was first predicted (I am 5’1, 123lbs, and have quite a large chest). At first glance, this trend can seem unwearable outside of the red carpet and the runway but there are ways you can incorporate it into your summer wardrobe without worrying about looking too hoochie mama; keep it simple and clean. If you are wearing a revealing sheer top, make sure you have an adequate bra or camisole to fit your comfort needs. Don’t push it too far and save it for special occasions. If you have a bigger chest, I suggest staying away from anything too tight.

Always make sure that fit comes before following and what I mean by that is do not participate in a trend if it simply doesn’t fit you. But if you’re feeling saucy and are ready for a little excitement, try switching out your boring tank top for a lace American Apparel top. You’ll feel cooler inside and out.


Book Bust: Karl Lagerfeld for Les 3 Suisses

Not being French, or growing up reading through the famous French mail-order catalog: Les 3 Suisses: A French Fashion Story, I was first introduced to this catalog when the story hit that Chanel and Fendi Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld shot some pages for this mass business of fashion catalog. From luxury to mass market, the Kaiser has covered all areas of our lives.

For the catalog, Karl worked with top model Iris Strubegger to add some high value to the smallest priced clothes (and production budget) he’s had to work with in his entire “Fashion photographer life”.

By the looks of it, Karl could easily fool people into believing this was an expensive shoot, showcasing the high end pieces from his ready to wear collection.

There goes Karl, making something as ridiculous as a dryer look luxurious.

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