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Tights as Pants

Women began wearing tights as pants back in 2009. Since the hideous looks inception, we’ve all seen the awful photos of celebrities and regular women alike making some huge faux paux. In case you need a refresher, here are a couple of my favorite tights as pants mishaps.
image of tights are not pants
A couple of rules to follow with tights and leggings:

  1. Make sure you shirt, skirt or dress covers your butt (seems obvious, right?)
  2. Whenever wearing tights or leggings, make sure to wear underwear that’s the same color as your tights or leggings
  3. Lastly, know your limits. Bend over in a mirror before you leave the house so you know what you should and shouldn’t do (physically in your outfit). Check yourself out in the mirror in different lighting to make sure you know the worst case scenario for your look
  4. If you have doubts, ALWAYS change your outfit.

We’re beginning to see a lot of runway shows featuring tights and leggings worn properly. Here are a couple of my favorite looks done well. Keep these images in mind when you’re putting together your next tights or legging look.
image of Tights for Fall 2011
image of metallic legginngs as pants
image of leggings Spring 2011
For those that are looking for additional support, try thigh high compression stockings. But remember, these are not pants!

Summer Socks

Summer socks!  I love this trend…it’s chic, feminine and if worn properly, this look can be extremely modern.  We’ve seen this look on the runway at Christian Dior and Burberry, and we’ve also seen it on some of our favorite leading ladies.

Wearing socks with heels or wedges can be a little tricky though.  You need the right socks, the right shoes and the overall right “look.”  I’ve seen women trying to pull-off this trend, but usually it’s the socks that ruin the look.  You definitely need a thin sock (mesh, silk, or cashmere works best), in a neutral color, and be sure the sock hits a couple inches above the ankle.  Personally, I think a strappy, chunky heel looks best, especially wedges.  And as far as wardrobe goes, keep it simple…wear a basic top, wide leg denim, or a girlie sundress.

Here are a few of my favorite sock and heel looks for summer!

Since wearing the perfect sock is important this summer, check out Tabio, an online Japanese specialty sock store.  To put it simply, they have a large range of socks and tights…sheer, sparkly, ribbed thick and thin…you’ll definitely be able to find the best pair of socks to wear with your heels this summer!

Summer Shorts Can Be Sexy


Tap Shorts

Summer’s here and we bet you can’t wait to get some sun on your legs; however, you may be thinking, “I’m a little bored with jean shorts.”  Don’t fret, there are other options– try some tap shorts!  They’re fetching, light-weight, and can be dressed up or down effortlessly.  While they were originally used for dance or as an undergarment, they are now worn as outerwear, and come in silk, cotton, lace, etc.  Who knew lingerie could be so versatile?

For a daytime, casual look, try them with a white camisole and a jean jacket or cardigan, and for a nighttime and more sophisticated look, sport them with a blazer, black tights, and some Mary Jane heels.  Whichever you choose, you’ll look chic– these shorts are the perfect balance of sexy and simple.

Chloe Shorts, $295

Chloe tap shorts

Empire State Bottoms, $38

Anthropologie shorts

The ‘Tights as Pants’ Debate.

Shall we define what “tights” are? We must in order to settle this issue because many people have different ideas on what the true definition of this infamous clothing article entails. By definition, tights are of clothing that cover from the waist to the ankles and can be either sheer or opaque. They are pant-like in nature yet are traditionally covered by skirts, shorts, or dresses. Traditionally they are worn under other garments but there is a trend that is sweeping the world and has sparked controversy wherever its been spotted in action…

Tights as pants. No covers, just a shirt and some tights.

Let me start off by saying that I have been wearing LEGGINGS as pants since I discovered that skinny jeans will never quite fit my body right (I am too short and my hips are too wide for the sizes that are available). The difference is that my tights (or leggings, whatever) of choice have always been opaque and thick in nature (American Apparel knows how to make them right). Typically leggings are also footless, where as tights have feet but this is not always the case. At first I was appalled at the idea of someone wearing shear tights, A.K.A pantyhose, as pants in public but through further investigation I find that when done tastefully… it really isn’t so bad.

exhibit A.

But when it is done wrong, boy is it wrong. Exhibit B.

So should tights be worn as pants? I believe it should be judged on a case-by-case basis. I personally follow one key trick: the underwear check. If my panties are on display, then I say “no way!”. Some people are a little less inhibited than that and who is to say that they cant put the drawers out for everyone to see as long as the nether regions are covered?

But like every trend, there has been incredible backlash. Statements, blogs, and even websites have been dedicated to the ending of this trend. If you ask me, the effort put into all of this is a little too much (the energy should be redirected into banning crocs). But people are outraged and where this is outrage, there is an internet source to support it.

Leggings, tights, pants, or whatever you choose to cover your booty up with… its your business. As long as the person is comfortable, that is all that matters. I for one would rather see someone wearing tights as pants than see someone covering up calf length tights with a medium length skirt (so unflattering), but that’s just me. So to settle this debate, I say to each their own! And if you don’t like the trend then keep wearing your denim or corduroy or whatever and let it die out like every trend before it

Les Queues de Sardines Stockings


Les Queues de Sardines make cute screen printed stockings and tights in strictly limited quantities. Already being tipped as the big thing of 2010. Playful and eye-catching designs, Les Queues de Sardines’ are already stocked in Fortnum & Mason in the UK, and Colette in Paris, plus many more worldwide. Hopefully some shops stateside will stock them come March!

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