Times are tough, and you’ve got to stretch that hard-earned dollar as far as it can go.  One of the secrets that I’ve discovered about fashion is that with a little creative thinking, any article of clothing can be worn all throughout the year.  The best example I can offer would be white clothing, in particular white jeans.  The whole “no white after Labor Day” rule was probably concocted by some bland, pushy female who only lived in one climate zone and had a penchant for bossing around her unfortunate friends and family into doing what she wanted.  But I digress.  White jeans are one of my favorite wintertime wardrobe staples.  Black and white tops seem to coordinate the best with a white bottom, but recently I’ve added a navy blue plaid shirt and a dark denim button-down to the mix.  Black boots are usually the best option for footwear with white pants, but silver shoes look great as well.  Any suggestions on what else you can wear with white jeans this winter?  Let me know!

(From top to bottom: Levi’s 524 Skinny Jeans, Abercrombie and Fitch Navy Blue Pink Plaid Shirt,  J. Crew The Jean Shop Dark Denim Shirt, Roxy Arctic Circle Sweater, Akira Sheer Mesh Turtleneck, Irregular Choice “Sazzle Boot,” Jeffrey Campbell “Bonnie” heels)