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Light Drops

image of Rafael Morgan the light drop

The Light Drop was designed by Brazilian product designer Rafael Morgan. The concept: the more you twist the tap, the brighter the light. The design is supposed to burn an image of natural resource conservation. Morgan says,

The Light Drop is supposed to make people think about how we are dealing with our natural resources, in this particular case, the water, which is the main source of energy for every living organism in this fantastic world. Water is energy indeed.

Morgan won 3rd Prize for Designboom’s Bright LED competition with Light Drop. The light fixtures are currently being produced and sold by Wever & Ducre.
image of Rafael Morgan the lightdrop

Stick Lights

Stick Lights are simple lamps with a touch of urban flair that lean against the wall. They have a wooden pole with a rubber cushion at the bottom base (as not to ruin your hardwood floor). Surely these lamps will give you a cool, outdoorsy feeling inside! From your cabin in the woods to your loft in the big city, Stick Lamps manage to fit in and demand attention anywhere you put them.

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