We are in the middle of a technology explosion that is supposed to have made our lives easier. While we hurry to read and text, respond to emails and keep up with our bff’s, there seems to be a lot of confusion about identity. Fashion and colors are a perfect example of this confusion as we add new colors to our wardrobe palette that combine the tech with a desire to return to nature.

Our world is becoming very ecology savvy and this brings a new attitude in what and how we wear fashion. The infusion of khaki, greens and neutral tones bring a level of sanity to our existence, while we are inspired by the bursts of rich blues and purples that entice the senses. The wildly bold take a leap into the crimson, cinnamon and tomato tones and we don’t even realize that these are all colors of the natural world. We are being driven by technology but our inner selves are demanding natural beauty which means new colors.

new colors

The shades of blue are being seen more and more, as we adapt to the calming influence of that tone. Pastels, sea blue, turquoise, dark regal blue: all are appearing in outfits and on the runways. Easy to wear denim in all of its forms are being taken to another level with variations on a more natural and carefree look. Some wear it well in its simplest form, but others seem to express their confusion with just a bit too much. Alas, the beauty of denim is lost in the maze of color and mess.