It’s hard to say when the tank top became an actual single item to wear as a wardrobe choice. Maybe it was part of the beachwear explosion or influenced by the Madonna era. But slowly, the tank top is the choice of almost everyone and represents summer fun and excitement.

The tank has become an essential commodity. With its incredible flexibility of wearing alone or in layers, it has evolved from the lowly top into a complete wardrobe must have. Tanks today are in so many colors and styles that they are compared to the evolution of the t-shirt.
The shades and tones that are the hottest for this year start out with the pastels and girly-girl looks. These are fantastic as stand alone wear or can be worn with your favorite bikini. But the story doesn’t stop there, the tank has been elevated into a total look with the newest hot colors. Summer brings greens, pale yellows, apricots, persimmon, blues and purples. Color combinations of reds and cinnamon are for the adventurous, but there is also a natural girl look that includes neutral tones and the desert colors of khaki, tan, brown, off-white and champagne.