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What’s the Internet? 1994 Segment of NBC’s The Today Show

Seventeen years ago I was 11, Ace of Base was the biggest band, Mrs. Doubtfire was the box office hit, and The Today Show’s Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel we trying to familiarize themselves with the internet. In the following video segment from January 1994, the news anchors and their staff talk briefly about what the internet is. Gumbel isn’t sure how to pronounce “@”, and no one says “dot” when they read “.com”. They have to ask a crew member to clarify how the internet works. Do you write to it like mail? Is it just in Universities? Does it require a phone line?

This video is a reminder of how unprepared the mainstream media was for the internet.

OK Go GPS Parade Los Angeles

When it comes to producing fun and viral videos OK Go is certainly a band to ask. Check out their recent Ok Go GPS Parade that went through Los Angeles.

This video documents a 8.5-mile parade through Los Angeles using Range Rover’s Pulse of the City app to check-in and spell out the words “OK GO” with the route. Make your own journey around your city, and be featured in a similar documentation video we’ll make in 2011.

Directed by OK Go
Produced by Shirley Moyers
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Todd Sullivan

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