Atelier Minyon is making quiet a roar in the fashion world with his avant gard designs featuring daggers, spiderwebs, skulls, shield and dragons. Each design is considered by many, a unique piece of art. The eye catching pieces are a favorite of accessory editors and celebs like Katy Perry, Russell Brandt and Brooke Shields. With all the articles on Aterlier Minyon and celebrity endorsements, it’s no surprise the pieces have been has been flying out jewelry stores and boutiques here in SF.
image of Brooke Shields in Aterlier Minyon Avant gard jewelry
This is extremely short noticed…but this weekend, the designer behind Atelier Minyon will be making a special trunk show appearance at Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore. The trunk show will be open to the public 2/17-2/19. Please swing by the store and meet this eccentric designer, and perhaps buy a few items while you’re there!
image of Gallery of Jewels SF flyer for Atelier Minyon