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Jewelry Looks For Summer 2012

Gallery of Jewels Kicks Off Summer With 10 Day Bridal Engagement

Gallery of Jewels, San Francisco’s most respected destination for independent designers, is holding their first ever ten-day Summer of Love Bridal Engagement beginning June 21st, 2012 through June 30th, 2012 to help couples kick off the wedding season in style with access to over fifteen designers’ complete bridal collections.


“We’ve been partnering with independent designers for over two decades, way before it was cool to do so,” said Bill Hoover, owner of Gallery of Jewels. “Now as more couples are moving towards modern, alternative jewelry styles for their weddings, we are happy to provide our designers a special event to show their beautiful designs to these customers.”

The ten-day extravaganza will feature romantic, modern, organic and alternative styles from designers specializing in unique settings, unusual textures and uncommon stones. Shoppers headed down the aisle can buy off the shelf or custom build their ideal ring with one of Gallery of Jewels talented designers.

The vast selection will include: engagement rings, wedding bands (his and hers and stand alone), white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, damascus steel, mokume gane, hand hammered or carved bands for men and women and colored sapphires and diamonds in all types of cuts, available for purchase loose and in settings.

The designer bridal collections will be spread across each of Gallery of Jewels three locations, allowing shoppers to tour the city in search of their perfect tokens of admiration.

In the Noe Valley shop (4089 24th Street), designers Jennifer Dawes, Jessica Fields, Stephany Hitchcock, Alberian and Aulde and Rebecca Overmann will be featured. Downtown in Union Square (427 Post Street), designers Sethi Couture, Just Jules, Megan Thorne, G.Phil Poirier and Emily Johnson will be showcasing their collections and over in the Fillmore (2115 Fillmore Street), shoppers can find bridal designs by Anne Sportun, Steven Battelle, Ananda Khalsa, Sarah Richardson and Dahlia Kanner.

The fun starts with an opening reception in each gallery Thursday June 21st from 5-8 p.m. with champagne and refreshments being served. The first fifty guests will also receive a gift bag filled with treasures.

For more information on Gallery of Jewels, please visit their website at

Gallery Of Jewels: Shine On With Designer Stephany Hitchcock This Weekend

This weekend Gallery of Jewels is celebrating our mini-heat wave by inviting accessory lovers to a much anticipated multi-store trunk show featuring New York gemologist (and local fave) Stephany Hitchcock.
Stephany counts Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams as fans. Her latest work features sparkle colored gems that are sure to dazzle any sunshine loving locals!

The galleries events will begin at the Noe Valley location on Thursday, May 10th, 3-5pm (by appointment only). From 5-8pm the collection will be open to public. On Friday, May 11th, from 11am – 6:30pm the event is open to the public once again.
On Saturday, May 12th, from 11am – 7pm, the special collection will move to Gallery of Jewels’ Union Square location.
The final stop on Stephany’s San Francisco tour will be the Pacific Heights store on Fillmore Sunday, May 13th, 11am – 6pm.

Interview with Alp Sagnak of Atelier Minyon

Once, years ago when I was in Mexico, I saw a yellow gold paperweight in the shape of a skull, about the size of someone’s fist, with diamonds for eyes and shiny as all get-up.  Who needs a gold and diamond encrusted skull paperweight?  Nobody.  Who desperately wants a gold and diamond encrusted skull paperweight?  Me.  My interest in the skull came as a total shock since I am not into the macabre, but for some reason I was captivated how an object that is generally considered grim was transformed into something attractive.  When I discovered that Stylebust was invited to a trunk show on February 18 at Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore Street to interview Alp Sagnak, the designer behind the line Atelier Minyon, I jumped at the opportunity because, as I discovered, Alp has a profound affinity for skulls.  Viewing his collection brought me back to that market in Mexico.  Although many pieces from Atelier Minyon appear to have a dark side, with Alp’s craftmanship and passion for making beautiful objects, the pieces are somehow transformed into something quite charming.  Nothing is mass produced, so you can be sure that the item you are wearing will be a definite attention getter.

image of Atelier Minyon Triple Skull

What about the jewelry design industry has changed the most in the last 5 years?  So when you’re asking this question you have to know that the whole jewelry design industry is concentrated on bridal collections, especially in the United States.  Ninety-nine percent is completely out of bridal because that’s the thing that everybody buys.  But we are the other jewelry designers that are not targeting that market.  It is a very niche market, a very small market, and everybody is so good, and in the past five years I think the designers were a little bit afraid to put money into the new collections and to express what they were feeling because they couldn’t make money.  So, they had to change the metals they were working with, they had to change the stones they were working with.  It was a challenge, I think.  But in the past five years, whoever was still creative and still brave enough to introduce new things, i think now they are having those advantages.

How do you remain inspired during a creative block?  Let’s say I went to Susanna Segal [manager of Gallery of Jewels] to sell my product and she said, “No, this is not for us.”  Then you get so angry and you try to make something that would prove them wrong, so most of what you see from this trunk show is coming from this anger.  For the last three years, it has been like that for me.  I’ve always thought that there are a lot of great designers that you have to compete with, and when I see someone doing something better than me, it makes me angry.  So that is the answer to this question.  Anger – you always have to compete and it is such a fun process.

What is the least favorite part of your job?  The cash flow, I think.  If an artist, if you call me an artist, cannot find the money that needs to be used for the other collection, then you cannot produce.  Especially when you’re working with gold or precious stones, those kind of things, they all need money to make new things.  For example, let’s say I believed in this cable [points to a cell phone charger] that it would sell and I made this cable and it didn’t sell – that’s the least favorite part because first of all, you failed, and second, you could have used that money that you allocated for this cable to another cable, or the plug.

Describe your jewelry in one word.  Awesome.  No, no, I’m changing it.  Sexy.  That is, for some reason, my mission, really.  I love sexy women, and I think our jewelry makes them sexier.  Or, if someone else were to say that whenever I put any of your pieces on and I felt stronger, that would make me so happy.

The person I respect most is… a self-confident person because the self-confidence would allow others to see who really he or she is.  He or she doesn’t have to play or try to be someone else.  Let’s say I am a plumber.  If I am self-confident with being a plumber, first of all I know that I can do the job right, and if I’m a plumber I’m not trying to be the President of the United States, I am a real person.  There are a lot of people in New York that are trying to show themselves as more than who they are, that’s why I think they are not confident in themselves, but a self-confident person doesn’t have to act like someone else.

What is your biggest weakness?  Ego — I want everybody to love what I do.

Name one thing that your jewelry business does that you think no one else does.  I think we are so much faster than everybody else with introducing new collections, which might be wrong, speaking as a business person.  I think we are moving so fast and the reason is that we are new to the United States market.  We are trying to expand as fast as we can, but it needs time for a company to be known by a couple of different looks that they would say, “Oh, this is classic Atelier Minyon.”  I think it takes time, and it needs depth.  That’s why I think we are moving so fast.

I’m jealous of… sometimes other jewelry designers, if they do something better than we do, but the jewelry business is not my whole entire world.  I am jealous of live performers.  I envy when I see someone acting onstage, or singing onstage, because I would want to be them, if I had the chance.  I never took the time to concentrate on that, but I would love to be on stage.

Five years from now… I hope I’m still alive.  And I want everybody to know what we are doing.  I want to be the most successful brand in the jewelry industry.

image of atelier Minyon Serpent Cuff

image of atelier Minyon Baroque Pearl Ring

image of Atelier Minyon Black Diamond Skull Cuff

*image source: Atelier Minyon

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Atelier Minyon at Gallery of Jewels

Atelier Minyon is making quiet a roar in the fashion world with his avant gard designs featuring daggers, spiderwebs, skulls, shield and dragons. Each design is considered by many, a unique piece of art. The eye catching pieces are a favorite of accessory editors and celebs like Katy Perry, Russell Brandt and Brooke Shields. With all the articles on Aterlier Minyon and celebrity endorsements, it’s no surprise the pieces have been has been flying out jewelry stores and boutiques here in SF.
image of Brooke Shields in Aterlier Minyon Avant gard jewelry
This is extremely short noticed…but this weekend, the designer behind Atelier Minyon will be making a special trunk show appearance at Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore. The trunk show will be open to the public 2/17-2/19. Please swing by the store and meet this eccentric designer, and perhaps buy a few items while you’re there!
image of Gallery of Jewels SF flyer for Atelier Minyon

J’Adore Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

image of Jennifer Fisher JewelryA few years ago Jennifer Fisher was a new mom looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, displaying her son’s name, to accessorize her wardrobe with. Unable to easily find exactly what she was looking for, Jennifer took matters into her own hands – which is when Jennifer Fisher Jewelry was born. Today Jennifer designs everything from charms, necklaces, rings and earrings in rose, yellow and white gold to larger, edgier and bold statement cuffs, bracelets and rings in brass. Her jewels have caught the attention of wardrobe stylists and consultants around the globe, and have been featured on Sex and the City the Movie, The L Word, Gossip Girl, and Entourage.

Jennifer says her upbringing in Santa Barbara inspires a lot of her designs. She also cites part of her inspiration from Tom Ford “Anything Tom Ford is a collector’s item in my book. He’s the s*it and the years he was at Gucci will always be one of my favorite times in fashion”. Her line has grown to over 400 charms, four types of colored gold and diamond options. She’s even introduced pavé black or white diamond gothic letters, studded cuffs, insect charms, and skull rings.

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry can be purchased at her web shop and at Barneys New York.

image of Jennifer Fisher Jewel


Gallery of Jewels’ New Union Square Store

image of Gallery of Jewels Store Unoin SqGallery of Jewels is a small local chain of stores that opened 21 years ago, with three locations. Each store is a little gallery filled with artful jewelry. has had eight locations in its history. Gallery of Jewels just opened its newest store at 427 Post St, in the city’s main shopping district of Union Square.

The stores carry over 150 different designers. About half of the pieces sold is made by local designers. Whether you’re looking for bangles, wedding band, modern silver cufflinks for your man, or unique twists on staples like studs and hoop earrings, Gallery of Jewels has something for you. Prices range from $40 to $5,000, with plenty in the $200-$450 range.

Last week, I was treated to a tour of Gallery of Jewels’ new Union Square space, and I must say that the manager Melissa Segura and Diana were very lovely to meet with. Not only are they passionate about jewelry and bringing their customers the best pieces, they’re also great at sharing jewelry information with customers.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the store:

image of Gallery of Jewels Stackable ringsStackable rings (that also look fabulous on their own).

image of Gallery of Jewels BanglesSilver bangles.

image of Gallery of Jewels Silver LocketsBeautiful silver lockets.

image of Gallery of Jewels Gold Engagement RingUnique gold engagement ring.

image of Gallery of Jewels Succulent ringSilver ring designed and shaped liked succulents.

image of Gallery of Jewels gold ringsLast but not least, a stack of the most unusual gold rings you can find in Union Square.

Unfortunately I missed the opening party this past Saturday, but my pal Joanna Riedel (who happens to be Gallery of Jewels publicist) was able to send me some great photos that I thought I’d share with you!

image of Gallery of Jewels Jewelry artist and friends

image of Gallery of Jewels Opening

image of Gallery of Jewels Party Scene

image of Jewelry Designers Gallery of Jewels Opening

image of Melissa and Joanna Gallery of Jewels OpeningAll photos are courtesy of Gallery of Jewels.

A Pearl Is Created – Enter to Win!

A Pearl is Created:

In short, pearls are found inside living oysters. Pearls are the result of a biological process – they are the oyster’s way of protecting itself from foreign substances. The formation of a pearl begins when a foreign substance slips into an oyster, which irritate­s the oyster (kind of like the oyster getting a splinter). The oyster’s natural reaction is to cover up that irritant with layers of a nacre substance (the same substance that is used to create the shell). This eventually forms a pearl. So a pearl is a foreign substance covered with layers of nacre.

Laguna Pearl is an established Beverly Hills based store that sells pearl jewelry exclusively.  I recently got myself a pair of White Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings from Laguna Pearl. The studs are amazing.  The luster and appearance were both fantastic. I could not see any blemishes (through the naked eye). The pearls are perfectly rounded and the same size, and the color is excellent. Additionally, the shipping was quick and the packaging was impressive. Overall I would rate these pearl studs as flawless, and would recommend Laguna Pearl to anyone looking to buy some new pearl jewelry.

Speaking of getting new pearl jewelry – please enter the Summer Giveaway for a chance to win a $750 gift card to There will be 5 runner-up prizes including necklaces and earrings. And everyone who enters will be given a discount of $20-$150 to use online!

The first runner-up will receive a freshwater Pearl Necklace.

image of freshwater pearl necklace

The next four Runners Up win a set of White Akoya Stud Earrings

image of pearl stud earrings


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