There is a perfect jumpsuit for every look and today’s colors bring a selection from the demure to the outrageous. With summer comes the shorter appeal for every day, and evening brings the sultry style with strapless creations that show off the tan.

The jumpsuit was catapulted into popularity in the sixties with the famous British television show, The Avengers. The incredible wit, charm and intellect of Mrs. Emma Peal, brought the show to the forefront. Her incredible array of jumpsuits made it easy for her to take out the bad guys with her martial arts agility. Thanks to that show, the jumpsuit has evolved over the years, from the tight outfit Mrs. Peal wore to the parachute styles in the seventies and eventually to the array of colors and cuts that are available today.
This year we are seeing a lot of desert shades, tans, browns, gray and neutrals as a base color for the jumpsuit. There is also an array of color blends that are showing up in patterns and prints, that include the shades of blue combined with varying purple tones. The colors of nature are an easy choice for the jumpsuit, as you can add so many exotic and Native American jewelry accents. The look can change from a day shopping to an evening get together in a snap.

The green shades of summer are being blended with some lime tones and yellows for jumpsuits and rompers. For a sexy look, there are cut outs and halters that can be a tantalizing treat for a warm day. As a color, green also represent new growth and new beginnings, so there is a psychological influence to anyone who wears green.

There are always those that want their fashion choices to reflect the pizzazz of the moment, and nothing does this better than a poppy red or royal blue jumpsuit. These are two of the hottest colors of the seasons and designers are stating they expect it to continue into the new year. The color blue may be calming, but royal blue as well as deep purple reflect dignity and the reds represent adventure and excitement.

For the summer rompers, pastel colors are the major influence. Pale shades of pink, yellow, gold, spring green, apricot, mango and tangerine are seen in varying patterns, motifs and fabrics. Light and airy is the name of the game for the summer romper. These are carefree outfits, easily worn as beach or vacation wear to flirty and flared to accent the feminine side.

The jumpsuit has come a long way since the days of Mrs. Peal, but with the wave of the sixties returning on the runway, we are seeing more jumpsuits with fringe and lace and in op art and colorful patterns of that previous era. The cut and style for today’s fashion is more than just a tight suit, but represents all of the different moods and attitudes that are reflected in our often varying, changing and complicated lives.