Change your mind every 2 weeks and can’t commit to wall decorations? Too lazy to put up wall paper and too scared if it’ll leave gunk on the walls? Tired of “grandmother prints” and looking for bolder, artsy graphics to add instant energy to a room? I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, they’re quick, they’re affordable, they’re customizable, chic, and gunk-free–they’re wall decals!

Electric Pylone $90.00 by

Made of a thin vinyl that is easy to apply and peel off, wall decals leave no residue on surfaces and can be peeled off, stored away, and swapped out at any time. And they’re not just for walls–any other smooth surface will work too! These featured wall decals come from the Surface Store (, which specializes in artsy, modern, urban prints. But if you’re looking for something more traditional or want to put up a prints of your parakeet, no problem! Just search online for wall skins/stickers/decals for amazing selections of graphics. Other sites, like, give you the option of creating your wall designs that they will make and deliver.

College kid approved prices! (Relatively speaking…) Seriously. There’s no excuse for a blank wall.

(Other colors available for wall decals shown. Images linked to product pages.)

Paris By Night $47.00

London Metro Map $29.00

Chandelier $56.00

Bamboo $65.00

Brick Breaker $43.00