I was watching the Colbert Report the other night, and Steven had a little segment about skinny jeans…mainly that Baby Gap has introduced a line of skinny jeans for toddler girls. At first I was thinking this is crazy stupid, and what next, a line of thong undies at Baby Gap Body? Back to the skinny jeans, I mean toddlers don’t have nice enough legs to be wearing tight jeans (no offense toddlers). Secondly, skinny jeans would really restrict toddlers movement, right? Then I thought about the alternatives in kids fashion, and though I’ve covered a few attractive children’s collections on Style Bust, but good kids fashion is like finding a needle in a haystack – and it really shouldn’t be this way.

So I fully support baby Gaps decision to produce skinny jeans for girl toddlers. I would just recommend that the mommy’s out there buy the jeans one size too large, that way the girls first get to rock the hip-hop look (also get them some Dunks to pair with the jeans to complete this hip-hop look), then, once the pants get a little tighter you can pair the pants with wedges (not! I’m totally against girl toddlers wearing any type of heels, ew! and baby high heels…don’t even go there).

image of Baby Gap Skinny Jeans Fall 2010