image of Contacts

Are you considering switching from glasses to contact lenses?

Since contact lenses were invented, they’ve been more popular than glasses, even with the slew of trendy and stylish eye wear available. In my opinion, contacts are more popular because they aren’t an obvious declaration of eyesight impairment (not sexy). Contact lenses do nothing to alter your appearance – unless you like the fake eye color look (I recommend you stay away from colored contacts).

image of colored contacts

Contact lenses are great for active and sporty people.  Joggers, and contact sports players alike can attest to the annoyances eye wear can cause while engaged in activity. I’m a runner, and I know first hand how glasses can interfere with a distance run. Once your face starts to sweat the glasses don’t stay in place.

Overall, contacts are generally seen as the much more convenient and flexible option. Plus, you can wear contact lenses under other types of glasses like, sunglasses, goggles and 3D glasses at the movies!

There are plenty of online retailers that offer discounted contact lens packs so you don’t have to break your bank account in order to see. has some great packages at lower prices than most other stores.

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