Now that the midst of fall is here, our wardrobes probably resemble more layers, boots, and chunky sweaters. But, what’s going on with your hair color, have you switched it up from your glistening summer highlights? Every fall I tend to go darker. In fact, one fall a few years ago, I went dark brown to the point my coworkers didn’t recognize me. I went from being a dark blond with highlights to chestnut brown.  A little out of my comfort zone – yes, but that’s what I wanted at the time.  It was a little too dramatic so now I’m sticking a little closer to what’s natural.  Dark rich mahogany tones really accent the hues of fall and tend to complement the faded once sun-kissed glow our faces recently had. Going dark is great and all but, we’re all unique and one color might look great on one person but may wash out and not quite fit another.


Choosing color: How do you pick the most flattering color that looks most natural for you? I found an article on that helped me figure this out. Stylists can help answer this question too but it’s always nice to have an idea on your own.  Celebrity hair pro Lorri Goddard-Clark, colorist to Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon suggests looking into your eyes. If you look into your eyes you will see little flecks. If they are golden or yellow, a natural match would be warmer hair colors. If they are bluer or deep bluish black then a natural match would be neutral or cooler tones. To enhance your skin tone, never go more than two shades lighter or darker—this guarantees that you won’t fade or wash away your natural beauty.

Good Housekeeping voted best at-home hair color

At-Home Kits: I’ve heard good and bad things about at-home hair coloring kits. Goddard-Clark suggests going for a look close to your natural color. If you have naturally light brown hair and want some pale honey highlights—DIY kits are fine. But if you want highlights more than two or three shades lighter than your natural color you should see a professional.

Color upkeep:  How often should you revamp your color? I think 6 to 8 weeks is pretty coming to do some updating. There are some great shampoos out there, one of which we’ve seen on Stylebust before, MorroccanOil. My hair tends to fade fast so I’ve used it along with many others. That’s what happens when you’re a product junky. These work, I just like variety! Here are some products I’ve work with…of course MorroccanOil. It’s sulfate free so it’s great for color treated hair. What I appreciate is that it restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair. Another great product is use is Aveda’s Color Conserve. It really has proven to help the color last longer and makes hair soft and manageable all day.