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Brighten Your Look With Creamy Caramel Colored Hair

Spring is upon us which means it’s time to update our look. One of my favorite ways to get ready for a new season is by modifying my hair color. Now, people who know me well know that the shade of my hair never changes dramatically. I like to think that Anna Wintour knows what’s going on, and if she can keep the same hair color for decades, I too like to think that my hair color never needs to change drastically. So I brighten with highlights and low lights every 3-4 months, and that’s about it!

For 2012, I’m really into the golden and caramel hair color trends. I think we’ve had enough seasons with the cool, ash colored (aka. mousy) hair. It’s time to warm things up a bit…golden, honey and caramel hair colors should make us all look a lot healthier if nothing else. If you prefer highlights and low lights over full color, like me, then maintenance should be minimal. You will be able to stretch out your salon visits like you did with your ombre look.  Here are some of my favorite caramel colors on blondes you know.

images of Golden Blonde Hair Color

images of Caramel Blonde Hair Color

If you prefer to do all over color at home, I’d recommend you try L’Oreal Feria in Caramel Kiss $9.99, Jon Frieda Dark Golden Blonde$10.12, or Garnier Nutrisse Medium Golden Blonde $7.99.

What’s your fall hair color going to be?

Now that the midst of fall is here, our wardrobes probably resemble more layers, boots, and chunky sweaters. But, what’s going on with your hair color, have you switched it up from your glistening summer highlights? Every fall I tend to go darker. In fact, one fall a few years ago, I went dark brown to the point my coworkers didn’t recognize me. I went from being a dark blond with highlights to chestnut brown.  A little out of my comfort zone – yes, but that’s what I wanted at the time.  It was a little too dramatic so now I’m sticking a little closer to what’s natural.  Dark rich mahogany tones really accent the hues of fall and tend to complement the faded once sun-kissed glow our faces recently had. Going dark is great and all but, we’re all unique and one color might look great on one person but may wash out and not quite fit another.


Choosing color: How do you pick the most flattering color that looks most natural for you? I found an article on that helped me figure this out. Stylists can help answer this question too but it’s always nice to have an idea on your own.  Celebrity hair pro Lorri Goddard-Clark, colorist to Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon suggests looking into your eyes. If you look into your eyes you will see little flecks. If they are golden or yellow, a natural match would be warmer hair colors. If they are bluer or deep bluish black then a natural match would be neutral or cooler tones. To enhance your skin tone, never go more than two shades lighter or darker—this guarantees that you won’t fade or wash away your natural beauty.

Good Housekeeping voted best at-home hair color

At-Home Kits: I’ve heard good and bad things about at-home hair coloring kits. Goddard-Clark suggests going for a look close to your natural color. If you have naturally light brown hair and want some pale honey highlights—DIY kits are fine. But if you want highlights more than two or three shades lighter than your natural color you should see a professional.

Color upkeep:  How often should you revamp your color? I think 6 to 8 weeks is pretty coming to do some updating. There are some great shampoos out there, one of which we’ve seen on Stylebust before, MorroccanOil. My hair tends to fade fast so I’ve used it along with many others. That’s what happens when you’re a product junky. These work, I just like variety! Here are some products I’ve work with…of course MorroccanOil. It’s sulfate free so it’s great for color treated hair. What I appreciate is that it restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair. Another great product is use is Aveda’s Color Conserve. It really has proven to help the color last longer and makes hair soft and manageable all day.  


Bottled Grey Beauties

It’s an epidemic. Aging beauties are taking any means necessary to stay youthful. Botox, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, you name it… women are shelling out the nickels and dimes to get it. Even young women are taking preemptive measures to ensure that their bodies are preserved to how they look while they are in their early twenties. But this is a bit extreme compared to the average American woman who will opt out for a box of cover-up hair dye and over the counter topical creams instead of going under the knife. But while women over thirty are fighting the clock, girls in their early to mid twenties are trying to rock the salt and pepper do.

No one can deny that the late Bea Arthur rocked the grey hair graciously during the duration of the Golden Girls but going grey and embracing it is very different than trying to achieve silver locks. Golden strands have been a beauty trademark for centuries but it started to get boring. Girls were becoming Blonde-orexics… trying their hardest to reach the blondest they can (often an almost white-blonde). But this got BORING. Red? Boring. Pink? Been there… done that. Blue and Purple? A little tacky. The frontier of hair color had been explored to its limits! … or so we all thought.

Grey was an untouched territory for young celebutaunts, socialites, and models. It was reserved for older men and women who were aging gracefully (or carelessly in some peoples opinion… not mine). How avant-garde and fresh! It has been described as “understated…classy…perfect”. Fashionistas like Pixie Geldof have decided it is time to embrace the evitable and just dye it grey now! Sure, this look can work if you’re a trailblazing eccentric celebrity who is trying to break the mold and explore new fashion grounds but what about the everyday woman? Can this look be pulled off by an ordinary young man or woman?

This weekend I had my first exposure to a young silver headed individual. I was at first perplexed (because I wasn’t sure if it was grey or light purple) but I soon realized that I was looking at the first leak of this untouchable trend in the real world and I was then intrigued. Was I intrigued because this look was flattering and beautiful? No. I was shocked and a little horrified. Just like rainbow hair or any unnatural hair color I feel like it ages this person I saw but not in the way you would think. They looked young… hot topic young and I can say that I won’t be trying out this trend anytime soon. I am a natural girl now after bleaching my hair and scalp to a state of permanent damage and I will wait for my locks to be seasoned by salt and pepper naturally when I am ripe and ready.

Grey Hair Feature in Sunday Times Style Magazine

Sunday Times Style Magazine

My boyfriend and I were watching American Idol last night and he made a comment about Lilly Scott’s grey hair. He didn’t understand why she’s purposefully color it grey. He also thought I sounded snotty, and “above the trend” to know that it was a popular hair color, which still makes me a little mad, because I don’t feel above the trend and definitely don’t think of myself as snotty.

I was determined to find a story, or lots of photos of young hipsters with grey hair to show him, and was relieved to find this article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine (although I’ve actually never heard of this magazine before). This story outlines the grey hair youth movement from east London, to models on the Paris catwalks. The story says that an understated grey is directional, classy and perfect right now. Apparently Victoria Beckham and Karen O are getting in on the act by letting their own silver strands peep through.

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