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Best Gifts for Kids!

Keep their curiosity and penchant for adventure piqued!  Shop toys for kids that will tickle their funny bone and challenge their budding genius.  Don’t disappoint their high expectations!  These cool gifts for kids from slimy gross science kit to friendship bracelet making looms will be sure to please!

  1. Kids love learning about the weird and mysterious stuff of science, so spark their intrigue and get them the gross and wonderful Sci-Fi Slime Kit!  They’ll be making magnetic slime that glows in the dark and having a blast in the name of education, but don’t tell them that!
  2. Encourage the next generation of shark lovers!  The Shark Eater Hat makes for fun role playing with its silly googly eyes and lots of imaginary jaw clenching.  Disclaimer: watch out for feeding time!
  3. Share the world with kids in a whole new way!  With the Discovery Macro Microscope, kids can view the bits and pieces of the life around us through a microscopic lens.  This set features a 40x to 400x magnification of prepared slides (including a piece of a 900 year old Peruvian mummy wrap!) and blank ones ready to be filled with their own discoveries.
  4. Give kids the gift of crafting their own Discovery Friendship Bracelets!  They’ll love making bracelets as gifts for their friends and making lasting friendships over crafting parties with these fun bracelet looms.
  5. This Illuminated Rotating Universe Globe makes any kid room, and parents’ rooms frankly, 90% cooler.  By day this globe displays our world’s continents and bodies of water and by night, this globe shows 88 magnificent constellations.  Handsome and educational – what a win win!
  6. Fans of Mythbusters, the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series, will love this science kit for Crashes and Collisions.   Kids learn if hidden energy can move a car, test the myth of the heavy weight and race a car!   There’s no myth about this kit – it’s for keeps.
  7. Kids will love this  Discovery Fireworks Light Show launcher that makes booming sounds and projects firework effects making them the master of the show!
  8. Abracadabra!  The  Ultimate Legends of Magic Kit and DVD Set is the perfect gift for the budding magician.  With instructional DVD and all the tools needed, kids can perform magic tricks with a snap of their fingers!
  9. Future paleontologist?  The Discovery T-Rexcavator Game encourages pretend play and imagination as the game challenges kids to find and remove bones without touching sides of the pit, lest they wish to hear a deafening roar!
  10. Meerkat Manor Season 1 shares a year in the daily lives of the Whiskers family.  While they live in South Africa on furry feet, they experience ups and downs, ins and outs, just like the ebb and flow of our own family stories. Share this incredible meerkat adventure with kids for plenty of entertainment and character building!

J.Crew Makes Fashion Forward Girls Clothing, Us Women Are Out Of Luck!

It’s sort of sad to see how fashionable J.Crews kids, aka “Crewcuts” clothing is for Fall. The girls line in particular might be more fashion forward than J.Crew’s womens line (ouch).

I work in corporate retail in the Bay Area, and there are few retailers headquarters here, so my work options are pretty limited. Even though children’s clothing isn’t exactly my thing, I’ve interviewed with Gymboree. I’ve also had friends Tea Collection and Sweet Pea – so I keep a pretty close eye on kid’s clothing. And I’m telling you, that to my knowledge no other mainstream children’s retailer appears to be as ‘on trend’ as the Fall 2010 Crewcuts collection.

I’m in my late twenties, and I would honestly turn to the Crewcuts lookbook for outfit inspiration if i was feeling uninspired. I obviously don’t own a tulle skirt, but you get my drift.

image of jcrew kids blazer

Peep her nails. Great color for the muted ensemble huh?

image of jcrew kids leggings

If I didn’t look so awkward in leggings, I’d rock them with the shorter layered shirts like this too.

image of jcrew kids layered look

Great colors for Fall 2010. The bright blue Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is adorable.

image of jcrew kids skinnt pants and boots

Turquoise nail polish, holla!

image of jcrew kids powder puff jacket

Powder jacket and tulle skirt, yes, only a kid can get away with this. Um, and whats up with this models poses? Open arms? I don’t link it.

Baby Gap Makes Skinny Jeans

I was watching the Colbert Report the other night, and Steven had a little segment about skinny jeans…mainly that Baby Gap has introduced a line of skinny jeans for toddler girls. At first I was thinking this is crazy stupid, and what next, a line of thong undies at Baby Gap Body? Back to the skinny jeans, I mean toddlers don’t have nice enough legs to be wearing tight jeans (no offense toddlers). Secondly, skinny jeans would really restrict toddlers movement, right? Then I thought about the alternatives in kids fashion, and though I’ve covered a few attractive children’s collections on Style Bust, but good kids fashion is like finding a needle in a haystack – and it really shouldn’t be this way.

So I fully support baby Gaps decision to produce skinny jeans for girl toddlers. I would just recommend that the mommy’s out there buy the jeans one size too large, that way the girls first get to rock the hip-hop look (also get them some Dunks to pair with the jeans to complete this hip-hop look), then, once the pants get a little tighter you can pair the pants with wedges (not! I’m totally against girl toddlers wearing any type of heels, ew! and baby high heels…don’t even go there).

image of Baby Gap Skinny Jeans Fall 2010

Finger in the nose

Finger in the nose is a French brand is the epitome of style. From its ‘Sartorialist-snap-worthy’ mini models with just the right amount of attitude to its authentic rock n roll aesthetic, this brand offers quality kids’ wear.

image of Finger in the nose clothing
image of Finger in the nose jacket designs

This label is not just about cutting a stylish figure on the streets; integral to its DNA is the long-term quality of the pieces, offering superior comfort and wearability. They use 9-11 ounce real European denim with raw, stone, bleach, snow and leather-look washes, and real feather down for their jackets and Geelong merino angora for their knitwear. Their 100% cotton tees feature wild animals and mythology-style graphic prints. The only negative? Your kids could quite likely steal the spotlight from your own sartorial efforts. Consider yourself warned! – Kate Vandermeer

I’m using the image of the little blond boy as my desktop background image on my work computer. I think the SQL guru who’s been working with me (at my desk) thinks I’m a bit creepy having a photo of a little boy I don’t know as my desktop. I really hope I can have a boy who looks like this when I grow up and become a mom!

Jean Paul Gaultier Kids


Kids’ wear has come a long way in the past 10 years. These days, any great brand is scrambling to recreate their grown-up aesthetic for young fashionistas. Jean Paul Gaultier Kids line is an example of a successful line, worthy of keeping an eye on.


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