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The Moss Bath Rug “Larosée”

image of Larosee Moss Bath Mat

The thought of having moss growing in your bathroom isn’t normally associated with anything good, but not in this case. The Larosee Bath Mat ($64) promotes green living by growing moss in it. After your shower, the water on your body will absorb into the mat which promotes the growth of the moss rug. The soft flora of the mat makes it comfortable to stand on, it nicely massages your feet as you move on the rug. A bath mat that is green an massages your feet? What more could you ask for!

The wave-shaped edges of the rug allows you to connect more rugs together.

image of Larosee Boss Bath Rug
image of Larosee Moss Bath Mat 2

Recycling Inspires Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2011 Collection

I think designer Jeremy Scott must have come across photos of my Halloween costume from 2009 while he was dreaming up his Spring 2011 collection. As you can see by the images below, I dressed as a hobo of sorts last year (you can tell right?). My outfit was constructed of plastic bags and paper (plus sandals and tights), and I drank my vodka straight-up in a pickle jar.

image of Nikki Lindgren recycled hobo outfitimage of Nikki Lindgren recycled hobo clothing

If this clever costume was not Scott’s inspiration behind his ‘basura’ themed Spring 2011 collection, I don’t know what was, because clearly my costume provoked serious inspiration. Haha.

image of jeremy scott aluminum can dressimage of jeremy scott garbage bag dressimage of jeremy scott garbage bag shirtimage of jeremy scott movie ticket dressimage of jeremy scott recycled wedding attire

I do think that the collection is very relevant to the global issues we face today, however, I don’t know that creating this ‘statement’ collection will help him further his credibility in the cut-throat, serious industry of fashion. The pieces themselves varied greatly on a scale of difficulty. He includes everything from your standard black trash bag to a mini dress made entirely of soda pop cans (this dress is hot). I have to say the styling was spot on and really made the presentation worth while for me.

How do you feel about the presentation?

‘Melting Men’ a project by artist Nele Azevedo

image of nele azevedo's 'melting men'

This story isn’t new, but I was thrilled to come across it and thought it was worth sharing here.

Last year, Brazilian artist and environmentalist Nele Azevedo created an art project called ‘Melting Men’. This project was meant to draw to the World Wildlife Fund’s warning, that melting ice caps could cause sea-levels to rise more than 3.3 ft by the year 2100. Azevedo’s ‘Melting Men’ consisted of 1,000 man figurines carved out of ice that were then intricately placed on the steps to the Concert Hall in Berlin’s Gendarmen Market Square. Since it’s summer in Berlin, with temperatures well into 70-83 degrees, the ice carved man figurines began to melt within 30 minutes.

image of nele azevedo's '1000 melting men'
image of nele azevedo's 'melting men' closeup

Image sources: Reuters and Nele Azevedo.

Watch this video about the project to learn more. And please, spread the word about this project, Nele Azevedo deserves the credit.

The Bookbag: Purses Made From Recycled Book Covers

I’m excited to learn that there is a crafty and useful purpose for all those antiquated/outdated book covers (I’m a total sucker for recycled products). Librarian Kathy Kelly from Erie Pennsylvania has created a line of bags and purses using re-purposed book covers from used book covers. Her line is called Bookbags.  The bags are pricey, I guess until she has serious competition she can afford to charge customers and arm and a leg for the bags…I’m SUPER excited for her to get some competition.  Call me cheap, but I’m not will to pay $135 plus for a bag like this…although they are damn cute!

Book Bags by Kathy Kelly 2
Book Bags by Kathy Kelly

For a complete assortment, check out Kathy Kelly’s inventory here.

Bring Your Own Bags By Prada

In a fortuitous turn of affordable fashion brilliance, Prada is launching light, perfect bring your own bags for shopping, summer beach tote or gym tote bag. The bring your own bags are produced in the traditional Prada fabric embellished with select archive printss, which you might recognize from runways past. The soft, spacious and structure-less shape is just right for your grocery store assortment of goodies, afternoons at the beach and picnics in the park.

The B.Y.O. Bags will be available exclusively at Prada boutiques starting this month for $295. Yes, this is a bit expensive for a grocery bag..we might need to stop eating for a few weeks to recoup the cost.

Mika Organic Horse Dress

image of Mika Organic HORSE DRESS

Support organic farming and buy this horse dress from Mika Organic. Like most people these days, care for the environment, the planet, and animals are the main inspirations for Mika Machida, owner/designer behind Mika Organic. Clothing is made of the finest organic and sustainably made materials including organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, and organic wool.

image of Mika Organic HORSE DRESS closeup

Check out the rest of her collection at Shop Mika Organic.

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