Home is where the heart is, so gift your homemaker the nuts and bolts that keep a home happy with these top As Seen On TV gifts.   From Instahang to Flex Seal, you’ll find everything but the kitchen sink.
  1. Gift the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set so your favorite chef can make every dinner a fiesta.
  2. For your friends and family who love to deep fry, they never have to batter like an amateur when they can Batter Like a Pro.
  3. Flex Seal is the homemaker’s problem solver!  Cracks and holes don’t stand a chance.
  4. Forever Comfy lets you transform any seat in your home or vehicle to a comfortable one.
  5. Furniture Fix provides instant support for renewed firmness in older seats.
  6. Instahang helps the decorator achieve instant gratification.  Say so long to barren walls!
  7. Give the gift of peace of mind with Riddex PLUS.
  8. EZ Covers takes tired old seat cushions and makes them like new again.
  9. Magic Mesh helps keep fresh air in and bugs out for a happy home.
  10. Make the decorator’s day with the Instahang Extra Refill kit.  (See 6.)
  11. Gift your homemaker extra storage with the Wonder Hanger, which transforms a door into a closet.
  12. Insulation is a home’s best friend.  Give the gift of added warmth and keep the cold out with Twin Draft Guard!