image of a chain wallet

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the male contestants of American Idol this season were loving the wallet chains (see Big Mike’s ridiculously large chain in the Idol Finalists group shot below). Big Mike, Andrew Garcia, Lee Dewyze and even Casey James have performed live, in front of all of us wearing chains, and some of them on numerous occasions.

image of American Idol contestants 2010

Chain wallets, or wallet chains, or wallets with chains (call them what you want) infiltrated the masses from a small subset known as ‘bikers.’ These motorcyclists have a real purpose for the chain wallets, because without them their wallets could easily slip out their back pockets at high speeds. During the 70’s-80’s these chains became popular in the punk scene, I presume because the chains went along with their tough, obscure look. And honestly, if the chained wallets works in any part of society (outside the biker community), I would say they work best with the punk rockers. Something about the frail bodies and black clothing compliments that chains well.

The resurgence of the trend on typical American’s as modeled by the men of Idol this season can’t be explained as easily, unless of course we just blame it on the American Idol stylists. Let’s face it, I doubt these contestants rocked the chains prior to the show. What would they have needed these wallet chains for? In my opinion this look is very douchie on the average guy…and Big Mike.