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Style Spotlight: JGL

If you read this blog regularly, you probably remember seeing a couple posts about Joseph Gordon Levitt. He was my first TV show crush (when he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun), and remains a solid crush today.  I forget he first appeared on the big screen in A River Runs Through It in 1992 (my aunt was also in this movie). He received the Young Artist Awards for “Best Actor Under Ten” for this work. Good job lil’ JGL!

Not only is Joseph Gordon Levitt a good looking actor, he also has mad style. He wears suits that work well for his body type and dresses up better than a lot of other red carpet regulars. His vests always catch my eye (I love a man in a good vest).

To get Joseph Gordon Levitt’s look, aim to find a balance of polished and casual. Grab a structured blazer, layer it over a button up shirt, straight leg trousers (or jeans), and finish with a key accessory.

image of Joseph Gordon Levitt Style

image of Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt Style

Timeless Men’s Fashion – A Short Guide

It’s often underestimated how difficult it can be to get men’s fashion right. Fewer men than women go out on a limb when selecting their outfits and there tends to be a far smaller selection on offer to men in high-street stores. While it might be harder for men to clad themselves with fashionable trends, this doesn’t mean that they need to resign themselves to dressing without style.

Many of the best-dressed men seen in the media get their trendy reputation not for going out on a limb, but for their tasteful selection of subtle outfits and their ability to match colors and accessories expertly. Here, we explore a number of timeless classics which allow men to stand out from the crowd without taking too many risks.

As a result of the simplistic nature of menswear, well-dressed males tend to rely quite heavily on shoes. A great pair of shoes can top off an otherwise nondescript outfit. Finding the right footwear is all about measuring the cut, material and color of an outfit and filling in the gaps with precision.

Timeless shoes for men are formal looking and, again, subtle. Think high quality. Shoes (especially dress shoes) that are too cheap are easily spotted and can take the ‘class’ out of an otherwise ‘classy’. A little heel is often a nice touch of timelessness but should never be overdone – more than two inches is, well, girly!
image of Men’s Dress Shoe Dolce & Gabbana Stitch Dress Shoes
image of Men’s Dress Shoe Jil Sander Laced Shoes

Any list of timeless men’s clothing would be incomplete without mentioning denim jeans. Simple though it might seem – and common, too – denim has become a fundamental part of men’s fashion. Needless to say, jeans can be worn well and they can be worn badly.

Generally speaking, unusual cuts of jeans are not timeless. Flares, for example, are most certainly not timeless. However boot and straight-leg cuts are. A well-fitting pair of mens jeans can complement any outfit.
image of mens-slim-fit-jeans
It may not be every day that men get the chance to don a tux…but that doesn’t stop it from being a timeless addition to fashion. Men have been wearing tuxedos for more than 100 years, and they have stuck around for good reason.

Few men are unfortunate enough not to look good in a tux. As with most things, the fit is the key to a good tuxedo. Cuts will vary with taste, and are largely irrelevant to the world of fashion. A well-fitted suit is perhaps the most stylish option out there for men.
image of Vera-Wang-Tux-1

Men Are Rocking Funny T-Shirts

image of Lush T-shirts UK for Men

There are quite a few different variations on men’s t-shirt designs; with prints, graphics, slogans, and your average plain tees. If the men out there like making statements with their fashion, then funny t-shirts are a wardrobe must-have. Funny, and pop culture graphic tees are sure to get the men in your life recognized.

T-shirts certainly have come a long way since their humble beginnings, when they used as underwear, never to be seen or noticed. Today men and women alike wear them as part of an outfit, to be seen and be noticed. This piece of clothing has been utilized by many as a form of self-promotion, especially t-shirts with slogans, logos and brand names. They have been used in popular culture, sports and even politics to get a message across. My point is, t-shirts have become a great tool for sending messages about oneself.

UK based Lush T Shirts prides itself on designing and creating some of the best funny t shirts around, with well-known, yet hilarious slogans that will get  noticed. Using a variety of colors, fonts and printing techniques they have some designs which really stand out. In both men’s and women’s styles there are hundreds to choose from, in categories such as geek, offensive and tv. Unisex hoodies are available too. Their latest bromance collection is amusing (especially if you watch hit shows like How I Met Your Mother). Shop online today!

Saint Augustine Academy Spring/Summer 2012

Simplicity always looks great – a fact that the designers at Saint Augustine Academy know very well. They put together some crisp looks for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Clean, slim-cut slacks anchor these looks, providing an easy base for classic shirts that create a lightweight look for the warmer months. The muted tones play well together, fostering looks that are easy on the eyes, but not easy enough to put you to sleep. Sandals and heeled cowboy boots don’t normally work with such polished looks, but the footwear displayed in these lookbook images look beautifully worn in and still work with the ensembles. I’m a huge fan of what they’ve done for Spring/Summer 2012.

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-1

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-2

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-3

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-4

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-5

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How To Dress For A First Date

Women usually spend hours preparing for that all important first date, but as time progresses it is inevitable that men will start putting the same amount of thought. Women can tell a lot by a man’s clothes and first impressions count for a lot. As winter draws near, you will not only have to think about your clothes but also about the practicality of your choices, especially if you are going to walk her home.

There are a few things that women notice about a man, first their shoes and second that they have put in a certain amount of effort into their appearance. The rumor is that women can tell a lot about a man’s shoes. A boring pair of work shoes will not cut it, a pair of flip-flops will tell her that you haven’t really bothered and the same thing can be said about a pair of smelly old tennis shoes. This winter boots are making a comeback and newer designers are making waves in the industry, so you have no excuses – it’s time to pay up for some boots! A pair of Rick Owens boots would definitely make the right impression. Owens is known for combining glamor and practicality. By wearing a pair of these boots you will tell your date that not only are you stylish but that you have thought about being practical.

image of rick-owens-boots winter 2012

The same can be said about your coat choice. Women generally look for a man they can rely on. A smart but impractical coat would imply that you are no good at the practical things in life. The best way to start planning your outfit is to have a look at mens designer coats as this is the first thing your date will see. A well cut and flattering coat is definitely the right choice. You never know you might have to lend her your coat at the end of the night, so you don’t want it to be scruffy or smelly.

image of dior-double-breasted-coat-winter 2011image of dries-van-noten-alphonse-blazer-winter 2011

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should dress for the occasion. If you are going out for dinner then you need to look smart, but not too smart. If you interpret the situation correctly then your date will appreciate the effort you have put in. Remember don’t just let the clothes do the talking; you will have to impress too. The clothes can only get you so far.

Men’s Fashion: Winter Trends

As the cold weather sets in, wrapping up warm takes precedence if you’re venturing out of the house. You’ll still want to look and feel good though, so here are a few tips on the 2011 Autumn/Winter season key trends for mens clothes.

The soft touch is very much in, with cashmere, wool mix and chunky knits all making a big appearance this season. Warm, practical and classic, these are sure to keep you happy on the coldest days of the year. The key to color is to keep it neutral and add a splash of brightness elsewhere. The heavier sweaters (made of wool or knit) are ideal for wearing over a shirt at work and fantastic for casual weekends.

image of mens sweaters 2011

The military cut is still at large and bang on trend this Autumn/Winter. Buy a masculine military jacket with smooth lines and pair it with clean-cut jeans or trousers and chunky boots to make this look current and on trend. Colors like slate grey, olive green and black will go with anything in your wardrobe. You can find some stylish mens jackets online with retailers such as where they stock both military styles and leather jackets (mens leather jackets are also popular for Winter 2011).

image of club-monaco-spring-2011-mens-military-jacket-benjamin-striped-v-neck-owen-henley-slim-straight-jean-clarks-desert-boots

Rock Style
The rock style hasn’t changed a lot over the years.  Those comfortable, faded and ripped jeans teamed with your favorite band t-shirt will still be bang up for almost any casual outing this winter. Some metallic accessories such as a watch or bracelet) will update a classic look for 2011.

image of balmain-mens-spring-2011

This look can be a little difficult to achieve without ending up looking like a scarecrow crossed with the Michelin man, but keep your base layer light with clean-cut jeans and a fitted sweater, pair the look with a knee-length coat. And don’t forget the all important hat, scarf and gloves combo – remember it’s cold outside. Prints are big for this look, but stick to wearing printers on only one or two pieces, unless you like the rag-doll style (we don’t recommend the rag-doll look)!

image of Missoni Mens Fall 2011-3

Military style boots are key for this Winter season. Good news on those wet, icy days that, depending on where you live, will no doubt be frequent. Keep them as simple as possible so they can be worn with many things and may even keep going until next season. Remember neutral tones are best for shoes anyway, and military boots are no different. If they’re really not your style however, a classic, sturdy hiking style will keep your feet warm and dry too.

image of bally-winter-2009-05

S/S 2011 Onia’s Swim Trunk Collection

image of Calder Onia Swimtrunks

image of Onia Swim Trunks

When Carl Cunow needed to find new swim trunks he went to the dependable men’s floor at Barney’s Co-op and was thoroughly disappointed with his options. Rather than settle for loud surf shorts, or the unthinkable mankini, he decided to design his own. He left his job in Product Development at Steven Alan and started Onia. Carl designs the swimwear while his partner Jake Post headers up the sales team.

Carl Cunow brought a lot of personal experience to the table when designing the collection. He opted for a cotton-nylon blend for the suits because it has both a soft hand and dries quickly. Carl also notes that unlike traditional swim trunk material (nylon suplex) his cotton-nylon blend doesn’t stick the wet legs.  The styling of the trunks themselves was intended to be versatile. Men prefer to wear the same trunks on the beach, playing beach volleyball and to the bar.

image of Onia swim trunk

The collection consists of 3 styles: snap-closure “Calder” trunks, “Alek” board shorts and the “Amaury” board shorts, each available in two lengths. The trunks sell for around $130 a pair. All trunks feature a zip fly, and come in an array of colors from neutral khaki and black, to burnt orange and forest green, to ocean blue. Select prints are also available (and are more expensive than the solid colors).

image of Onia Swim trunks


Onia swimwear can be found in New York at Rogan and Steven Alan. You can also find the trunks online at Bonobos.

Photographs by Douglas Lyle Thompson.

Men in Gingham for Spring 2011

Dolce & Gabbana are at the forefront of mens fashion. Sometimes we love the mens collections they design, other times its repulsive. This season I was happy to fall in love with their 1950’s Americana suburbia look. They did a fantastic job of tying the collection together with gingham. There were gingham pants, shorts, shirts and jackets in hunter green, black and shades of red. The look was preppy, but not Glee club or ivy league preppy.

Here are a couple of my favorite mens looks coming down the D&G runway.

image of dg black plaid shirt
image of dg green gingham shirt

The mens looks above generally work for any guy with an average build (or smaller). If you’re a bigger guy, the extra clothing dimensions plaid and gingham’s add will not work in your favor. If you can’t afford the designer brand labels, or just prefer something a little more mainstream, Voi Jeans Clothing sells great plaid and gingham mens shirts at affordable prices.
How to pull the look off based on climates:
For a colder climate try a loose-fitting plaid shirt paired with a vertical stripe blazer in contrasting colors along with a pair of well made khaki slacks (cuffed at the bottom if you prefer), and flats.
For a warmer climate go for a fitted plaid shirt with a presentable undershirt, for when you get too warm. This shirt should go with khakis pants or flat front shorts and braided leather sandals. The belt will complete this casual look.

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