Fendi’s Fall 2010 collection, shown at Milan Fashion Week offers a unique collection of furs, suede, shearlings, organza, and velvet. Critiques are touting that this Fendi collection offers “luxe, wearable art”.
Forget about the clothing pieces, which look great, and is consistent with the brand (and therefore a bit boring to me). I wanted to cut to my favorite part of the show, the shoes! This cross between great heeled boots, athletic looking boots and hiker boots blows my mind. They appear to be great boots for all occasions because they can so easily be dress up or down.

image of fendi black leather boot fall 2010
image of fendi grey boot fall 2010
image of fendi tan leather boot fall 2010

The look was also carried over to a heeled ankle shoe…which may look event better than the boots. If the look hits mainstream, and is ripped off by less expensive designers, I’m definitely getting myself a pair. Shear genius!
image of fendi black heel fall 2010
image of fendi black heel fall 2010