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Easy-to-wear Fall trends

Runway fashion trends can be a little extreme for everyday wear, but runway trends are great sources for inspiration.  We can mimic looks we’ve seen by wearing similar colors or silhouettes.

As much as I love many of the Fall 2010 trends (military inspired outerwear, 1970’s silhouettes, baroque n roll/aka Prince inspired pieces, and the minimalist trend), I still find myself sticking to classic Fall pieces.  Keeping in mind the “look” that I’m going for; i.e., by pairing a classic cardigan with cropped trousers and maryjane wedges, keeps the overall look classic and lady-like (another trend seen on the Fall runways).

Below are some easy-to-wear Fall favorites that resemble runway trends.


Industry chunky knit sweater, Brown chunky sweater, Ecote Intarsia cardigan


Samantha Peet pants, Current/Elliott cargo pants, BB Dakota trousers


Madison Harding platforms, Jeffrey Campbell wedge, Topshop Proud boot


Pendleton camel fedora, Cheap Monday hinge ring, Topshop sheepskin cape

Back to basics for Fall 2010

Sure, a closet full of the latest trends would be nice but if you’re a regular gal like me, all you really need is a few key pieces to keep you looking trendy throughout the year.

10 pieces for an ultimate Fall 2010 closet

This Fall is all about classic shapes, easy-to-wear colors, comfortable fabrics and simple everyday styles.  So, go ahead and wear your favorite pair of wide leg jeans with a button down shirt-you’ll look 1970’s cool but extremely polished (think Jane Birkin).

Here are 5 outfits, showing that a few Fall staple pieces can get you through the season!

All you need are a few pieces to keep you looking on-trend until Spring.  Visit the Gap for basics, like a classic button down shirt and wide leg denim.  For trendier/seasonal pieces (e.g. cape or wedge boots), check out stores such as H&M, Aldo and Forever21.

And remember, keep it simple this Fall!

Trends to wear for Fall 2010

The September issues of fashion magazines are known to be the biggest and the baddest of them all. When I see one of those thick magazines, I know I must have them! This year, instead of looking through them, cover to cover just once, then adding them to my never-ending magazine collection, I thought I’d tear out my favorite looks for Fall 2010 and narrow them down into “wearable” Fall trends (unfortunately, I do not have a scanner, so I recreated the looks)!

Here are five Fall outfits (inspired by my favorite trends) that I want to be wearing now!

Bomber jacket and Skinny jeans

Yes, a rather simple outfit. This look is practical to wear everyday. The all black with a gray suede platform wedge heel is perfect for an evening out with friends. In my opinion, the military inspired hooded bomber is just right for Fall!

Slouchy button down and Mini skirt

This can be a tricky look to pull off because it can look sloppy if the proportions aren’t right, but if done correctly, you’ll look effortlessly chic! A comfortable boyfriend button down with a body-con embellished Givenchy-esque mini skirt says that you’re laid back, but have great style.

Silk blouse and Wide leg trousers

This is probably my favorite look. I can see pretty much anyone wearing this and looking hip to the current trends. Trouser pants can look androgynous, but paired with a silk blouse you’ll achieve a cool 70’s look!  Add a blazer, and you’re ready for a chilly evening.

Sweater and Shorts

The Sweater and shorts combo is another look that I really love, especially when paired with wedge boots and socks. I’m all about shorts for Fall, especially leather or suede shorts – but be careful with leather or suede shorts, they can be a bit harsh, even overdone, for an everyday look. Having that said…these are great pleated suede shorts that can either be dressed up or paired with a cozy over-sized sweater, creating a very on trend Fall 2010 look.

V-Neck shirt and Pencil skirt

I think everyone can agree that pencil skirts are very sexy. To tone down the sex appeal, wear a tight-fitting pencil skirt with a slim fitting v-neck top. Tuck your top into the skirt just slightly for a the messy, “I didn’t really try to tuck my shirt in” look. This type of shirt tuck will hug your curves while keeping this outfit appropriate for the office.

Jeffrey Campbell strides into Fall 2010

Luscious, polished, tan, and rugged.  I’m talking about this years boot trends!  Ladies, it’s time to stop fantasizing about Fall’s most sought after accessory and go get yourself a pair!

Over the years, Jeffrey Campbell has pretty much become a household name in footwear.  JC has produced some of the trendiest and affordable shoes, worn by fashionista’s all over the globe!

Bloggers wearing Jeffrey Campbell-Late Afternoon,

My Top 10 favorite Jeffrey Campbell’s for Fall 2010!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane $192 (Need Supply)

2. Jeffrey Campbell Two-Tone Dippy Wedge $193 (Pixie Market)

3. Jeffrey Campbell Bjork $230 (Need Supply)

4. Jeffrey Campbell Sheman $175 (Need Supply)

5. Jeffrey Campbell Tick Cork Wedge $99.99 (Need Supply)

6. Jeffrey Campbell Lace-Up $198 (Urban Outfitters)

7. Jeffrey Campbell Wedge $128 (Urban Outfitters)

8. Jeffrey Campbell Roby Python $89.99 (Need Supply)

9. Jeffrey Campbell Christie $145 (Need Supply)

10. Jeffrey Campbell Ludlow  $179 (Pixie Market)

Many shoes produced by Jeffrey Campbell (and other companies like, Aldo) tend to be a “re-created” version of higher-end labels.  The architectural wooden heel of the JC Brisbane boot is similar to the Marni wedges seen on the Fall 2010 runway.  And the JC Lace-Up boot resembles the Ann Demeulemeester boots (which cost about $1500) from last season.

If Jeffrey Campbell shoes are out of your price range…check out Forever21 or H&M…they tend to do a good knock-off!

J.Crew Makes Fashion Forward Girls Clothing, Us Women Are Out Of Luck!

It’s sort of sad to see how fashionable J.Crews kids, aka “Crewcuts” clothing is for Fall. The girls line in particular might be more fashion forward than J.Crew’s womens line (ouch).

I work in corporate retail in the Bay Area, and there are few retailers headquarters here, so my work options are pretty limited. Even though children’s clothing isn’t exactly my thing, I’ve interviewed with Gymboree. I’ve also had friends Tea Collection and Sweet Pea – so I keep a pretty close eye on kid’s clothing. And I’m telling you, that to my knowledge no other mainstream children’s retailer appears to be as ‘on trend’ as the Fall 2010 Crewcuts collection.

I’m in my late twenties, and I would honestly turn to the Crewcuts lookbook for outfit inspiration if i was feeling uninspired. I obviously don’t own a tulle skirt, but you get my drift.

image of jcrew kids blazer

Peep her nails. Great color for the muted ensemble huh?

image of jcrew kids leggings

If I didn’t look so awkward in leggings, I’d rock them with the shorter layered shirts like this too.

image of jcrew kids layered look

Great colors for Fall 2010. The bright blue Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is adorable.

image of jcrew kids skinnt pants and boots

Turquoise nail polish, holla!

image of jcrew kids powder puff jacket

Powder jacket and tulle skirt, yes, only a kid can get away with this. Um, and whats up with this models poses? Open arms? I don’t link it.

Simply Fall Fashion

I love everything about Fall fashion…the layering, the cozy sweaters, boots, scarves and black!  As Fall approaches, I’ve been studying and preparing myself on what trends I can expect to be seeing and what trends I can’t wait to wear!

The looks that are catching my eye, are the minimal-looking and low key trends (the Row, Chloe and Marc Jacobs), I especially love the soft muted tones, like fern green, camel and even white!  Yes, this pretty much contradicts everything that I love about Fall…but I’m excited to try something new!  One of the great things about the Fall color palette, is that it will transition into Spring (and all of the colors work well with black…just in case I’m out of my comfort zone)!

womens fall 2010 classic coat trends

womens fall 2010 slouchy trend

womens fall 2010 white trend

womens fall 2010 elegant shoes trend

Below is my take on this muted, minimal Fall trend!

fall 2010 look

This is an easy look to achieve (if you don’t wear white after Labor Day…opt for a black trouser).  Keep the overall look clean and simple…Fall is going to be a season of simple elegance!  And don’t forget the Chanel Khaki collection nail polish!

Fur Real.

image of women wearing fur coats

It may be hated by members of animal rights groups but it loved by the rich and famous; fur is making a big comeback on the runway! Although some may argue that it never really left the lap of luxury, it certainly has never been so big with the middle class and ballers on a budget alike.

Fashionable faux fur coats for Fall 2010

With the improvement of faux fur, it is easier than ever to give the illusion of grandeur. I found a knee length faux leopard print coat at the Value Village on Capitol Hill for only $14! I was blown away. Last winter H&M also had a few of really nice faux fur stoles and vests that were beyond affordable. It can be a little cheesy but I think when done right, a faux fur stole can be cute.

Freddy Mercury in Faux Fur

I was Freddy Mercury for Halloween and wore my faux stole.

And if you’re hustlin’ enough to be able to buy the real thing, go for it! Unless you have hang ups about it, that is. Sometimes, If you search hard enough, you can find the real thing in vintage shops or thrift stores. My friend found a real rabbit fur vest at Value Village for around $28. I also tried to heckle a mink stole out of the hands of a crazy old woman at the goodwill bins (who was going to give it to her cat!!!) but with little luck. I probably would’ve paid like 70 cents for it.

image of the universal no symbol

This fall, fur is a staple no matter what the look is, and for good reason. It isn’t only luxurious but practical too. Nothing keeps the chill away like the hide of an animal (or the fibers of a fake one)!

Kmart: The Comeback Kid

Sure, we all know and love Target for a few things…home decor, electronics and of course their women’s clothing department!  Especially when they collaborate with designers such as, Rodarte, Zac Posen,and William Rast.

But this Fall, Target may have a little competition.  Kmart!  Yes, you heard me…the store that I haven’t visited in about 15 years is putting their fashion foot forward!  And to be honest…I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen of their Fall collection.

They’ve got military jackets to mimic Balmain and Phillip Lim (all priced below $100).  Kmart also hired fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski (whose work usually appears in the pages of GQ and V Magazine) to shoot the Fall campaign.  And to top it off…they’ve got a senior designer who once worked at the YSL atelier!

Pretty impressive!  I’m excited to check out their Fall collection…now, only if I knew where the nearest Kmart was!

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