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Fall 2012 shoe alert

Fierce Flats

This season there’s a huge amount of fierce flats to choose from, so step away from those skyscraper heels and take a look at the chic and comfy women’s shoes for summer

This season’s opinion divider, you’ll either love them or hate them. Flatforms are an antidote to all the impractical sky high platforms on offer at the moment, and are the perfect shoes to go for if you’re looking for some extra height. The heel is barely higher than the platform sole, meaning you get the comfort of a flat but with a more feminine feel. There are so many styles to choose from including everything from floral printed espadrilles to patent Mary Jane’s. Keep it girly and wear these with bodycon miniskirts or high-waisted shorts.

image of ASOS DILLON Flatform High Tops

image of ASOS WISTFUL Leather Flatforms

For those looking for something a bit different to the classic ballerina pumps, loafers are an androgynous alternative. Taking over from the recent trend for brogues, loafers are a great day shoe that can be dressed up or down. For a day at the office pair them with cigarette pants, chinos or a pencil skirt. On your days off slip them on with a pair of indigo or black jeans and a simple white tee. They’re women’s shoes you can experiment with by trying vibrant eye-popping color, leopard print and color-block.

image of ASOS MOTOWN Leather Flat Shoes

image of Osborn Recycled Bag Loafers

High Tops
A great style for those casual, dress down days, high top sneakers are inspired by the sport-luxe trend. This season designers’ have put a feminine twist on sporty clothing, including everything from dresses to parkas and women’s shoes are no different. Opt for high top sneakers in feminine shades of grey or pastel tones. Wear your high tops with skinny jeans and an over-sized tee for effortless cool. Then pair them with cut off denim shorts in the summer months, for a laid-back, thrown-together vibe.

image of ASOS DOODLE Leather High Topsimage of ASOS DUDE Washed Canvas High Tops

So these are the top three styles to look out for this season, what ones would you choose?

Ana Locking Shoes Spring/Summer 2011

Eye candy for Spring and Summer 2011.

Ana Locking Shoes

Ana Locking stilettos with sky-high heels are all about high fashion. Made of colorful python and leather they offer special attraction and lots of energy.

Note: you need to know how to walk on needles before getting into these shoes. Don’t even think about going out drinking in these shoes (unless you enjoy falling down).

Colorblock Thursday

Who doesn’t love a little color to get them through the grueling workweek.

Here are some of my favorite color inspirations today!

image of colorblock kitchen

This might as well be called the Pantone color kitchen. I really dig this look, especially with the strangely clean counter and tabletop. I think the look could easily go south if countertop appliances and accessories aren’t white, great or a very basic color. I admire anyone who can pull this look off int their kitchen!

image of Colorblock Fashion 2010

Here are some of the best of the best colored pieces this year.

  • Sergio Rossi Block-Color Sandals, $277.50, available at
  • Forever 21 Colorblocked Sheath Dress, $13.99, available at
  • Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière Leather Sandals, $1,495, available at Balenciaga Boutique NYC
  • Derek Lam Colorblock Dress, $1,390, available at Barneys.comimage of colorblock bedroomFinally, so fun way to play up an otherwise white bedroom.

Jeffrey Campbell strides into Fall 2010

Luscious, polished, tan, and rugged.  I’m talking about this years boot trends!  Ladies, it’s time to stop fantasizing about Fall’s most sought after accessory and go get yourself a pair!

Over the years, Jeffrey Campbell has pretty much become a household name in footwear.  JC has produced some of the trendiest and affordable shoes, worn by fashionista’s all over the globe!

Bloggers wearing Jeffrey Campbell-Late Afternoon,

My Top 10 favorite Jeffrey Campbell’s for Fall 2010!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane $192 (Need Supply)

2. Jeffrey Campbell Two-Tone Dippy Wedge $193 (Pixie Market)

3. Jeffrey Campbell Bjork $230 (Need Supply)

4. Jeffrey Campbell Sheman $175 (Need Supply)

5. Jeffrey Campbell Tick Cork Wedge $99.99 (Need Supply)

6. Jeffrey Campbell Lace-Up $198 (Urban Outfitters)

7. Jeffrey Campbell Wedge $128 (Urban Outfitters)

8. Jeffrey Campbell Roby Python $89.99 (Need Supply)

9. Jeffrey Campbell Christie $145 (Need Supply)

10. Jeffrey Campbell Ludlow  $179 (Pixie Market)

Many shoes produced by Jeffrey Campbell (and other companies like, Aldo) tend to be a “re-created” version of higher-end labels.  The architectural wooden heel of the JC Brisbane boot is similar to the Marni wedges seen on the Fall 2010 runway.  And the JC Lace-Up boot resembles the Ann Demeulemeester boots (which cost about $1500) from last season.

If Jeffrey Campbell shoes are out of your price range…check out Forever21 or H&M…they tend to do a good knock-off!

Summer 2010 Worst Trend

As the summer of 2010 comes to a beautiful close, I reflect on all of the successful fashion trends that were embraced. Jumpsuits made a glorious come back while harem pants made a splash that no one saw coming! I was recently looking at some other style blogs and I came across someone’s list of the worst trends this summer. I was blown away because everything the blogger listed, I loved! Printed pants? All for them! Ripped jeans? That should be the trademark of my generation! I admit there was one that I had never even heard of (rabbit ears!?), but other than that I found myself saying to myself “but I like that!”. There was only one I had to agree with… the boot sandal. Although I haven’t seen them in action very often, the few times I have has made me do a double take.

bootie sandal

Are they this years crocs? I don’t know if I would go that far. They don’t have the same cult following and they aren’t THAT ugly. But I would say, in my humble opinion, that the boot sandal is the worst summer 2010 trend. With that being said… they really aren’t all that terrible.. so that just goes to show that fashion trends had a good summer this year!

open toe bootie ankle sandals

open tow boot sandal Shoe Haul

Inspired by vlogs, particularly ‘haul videos’, I thought it’s finally time to add one to Style Bust. I visit all the time to check out their sale section. My most recent order consisted of three pairs of shoes, 1) BDG Canvas Skimmies in Navy for $19.99, 2) Dolcetta Buckle Front Peeptoe’s by Dolce Vita for $29.99 and 3) Kimchi Blue Macrame T-Strap Skimmer’s for $14.99. All the shoes were purchased at roughly 50% off – that’s just how I roll!

Special thanks to Christina at who inspired me to begin making videos…check her site out, her videos are so cute!

Heel doggy, heel!

Shoes heel heights

When one thinks of classic femininity, high heels usually come to mind. The height that heels can add shape and elongate legs and create a kick-ass silhouette. No wonder even in modern times when ideas of femininity have been stretched to the limits women are still dying to squeeze their feet into sky-high shoes. Fashion role models, like Sex and the City’s famous character Carrie Bradshaw, glamorize tall shoes and makes it appear as if walking in them is a breeze! Us everyday women know that this is not always the case and because of that there has been an on-going debate between heels or flats?

mopo high heels

Heels are known for causing chronic back pain and knee joint problems in women who wear them regularly. These are just the long-term effects and that doesn’t include trips, falls, and some pretty gnarly spills (I recently suffered one recently that took my right ankle out of commission for a while).  Where as in the past when women were trained to wear heels from an early age, in modern times young girls usually don’t attempt to seriously wear heels until around puberty and when they finally are expose they opt for tall stilettos. These can be harder to walk in then their shorter, chunkier siblings. The heels they wear are also typically on the cheap side (gotta love Wet Seal and their low prices) and therefore cannot really offer the support needed in places like the balls of the feet.

Shoes heels

So what does a stylish girl do? Wearing heels can make you feel sexy and powerful and flats sometimes cannot offer that kind of ego boost. Also, we are now being told by sources like Cosmopolitan Magazine that wearing heels can shape our booties and calves. My advice is to stick to lower heights and keep the haute couture heights for special occasions. I also suggest investing in heels that are higher quality. You feet will thank you and plus they will remain a staple in your closet for a long time.  And follow one simple rule, if you are struggling to walk in the heels… then opt out for the flats because no one looks sexy when they are walking like a crane.

Summer 2010 heels

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