Get inspired by HBO’s series True Blood and bring the dynamic characters to life by hosting a Fangtas-tic Halloween house party.  In the town of Bon Temps, vampires come back from the dead to live among humans.  Is the synthetic blood that makes it possible too good to be true?  Find out at your shindig – there are sure to be some thrills and chills.

So how will you pull off a macabre party?  With a few tweaks, your home can easily be converted to the Fangtasia Bar, where vampires and humans mingle.   Life at Bon Temps begins at night, so the key is setting a sinister ambiance.  Block out the light with black drapes.   Opt for candles and True Blood string lights, which come with red bulbs.   Cover tabletops and chairs with red textiles like velvet.   Put on the original score, prepare garlic free foods (lest you offend all the vampires) and quench their thirst with enough True Blood beverage warmed to 98.6 degrees.  Don’t forget to make it last from dusk till dawn.   Finally, invite friends over donned in killer costumes, of course.


Party Planning Checklist:

Invitations: Make your own or use these HBO invites and set the tone

Tunes: Soundtrack and Original Score

Visual Stimulation: Play Season 1 on mute in the background

Refreshments: Serve up True Blood Bloody Mary drinks from the True Blood cookbook and use True Blood approved drinkware

Food:  From Bon Temps Bloody Marys to Up in Arms Biscuits and Gravy, make some fang watering bites sure to please.

Scent: Fill up the house with the aroma of Forsaken True Blood Candle and Diffuser

For more helpful party tips, catch up on the latest shows and don’t let your guests go home thirsty.