On HBO’s True Blood, things may be a bit weird down in Bon Temps and seem to be getting weirder.  With everything at stake, the ladies still manage to look gorgeous.  This Halloween, whether you choose to be Sookie or Pam, human or vampire, keep the costume simple and the makeup on point for that drop dead gorgeous appeal.

If you want to be everyone’s favorite Bon Temps’ girl from Merlotte’s, Sookie, don her t-shirt and apron, and you’ll have your wardrobe set.

Or play the fangtalicious heartbreaker Pam.  Sport a busty top or her not so vampy Cat and Flower Sweatshirt  and play up her sensual nature.

For Sookie, stick to neutrals, pinks and warm tones.  For Pam, go for dark, vampier shades.  The secret is to amp up that unmistakable gorgeous factor depending on your character.

Made in collaboration with beauty standards like Tarte and Deborah Lippmann, try the Forsaken Inspired by True Blood Beauty line for the Halloween party and any other day you just want to feel fabulous and irresistible.

  • Dust your complexion for a silken glow
  • Moisturize for the fang-talizing touch
  • Spritz on a sensuous smoldering scent
  • Don’t forget the perfect lacquered nail.  For Sookie’s innocent look, go for subtle.  For Pam, vamp it up with drop dead gorgeous shades
  • And don’t forget about making those lips irresistible.   For either human or vamp, all ladies can appreciate this night out nail/lip duo.

All dolled up, you’re ready to get out there, break some hearts with your fang-talizing beauty that keeps them wanting more.