The power of primer should never be loss on any makeup wearer. In fact, you always want to prep & prime the skin to ensure that the makeup stays and that even the micro pore doesn’t magnify in photos. Oily skinned gals experience creasing, sliding — and makeup tends to make a disappearing act but not if you are smart and you prime your face & eyes. This is the makeup artist secret, its also the first step in perfecting skin to read flawless. Some great ones to try are:

Makeup Forever HD Primer, $32

image of Makeup Forever HD Primer

NARS Makeup Primer, $33

image of NARS makeup primer

Smashbox Photo Finish, $49

image of Smashbox Photo Finish

And after you’ve primed and added that quick glamor to meet your hot date, mist yourself with Skindinavia’s No More Shine Makeup Finish ($39) to preserve the look!

image of Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish, 4-Ounce Bottle