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Guerlain Terracota Skin

This summer has been one of the best ones for me, I’ve been to the beach or outdoor events two or three times a week and the sun has been shinning in San Diego all summer long. Even though I do put on sunscreen, my tan is very uneven and when I wear something strapless you can see several straps on my shoulders. Fortunately I received and tried a sample of Terracota Skin from Guerlain.



Guerlain’s first healthy glow foundation, TERRACOTA SKIN, offers the texture of both a foundation to even out the complexion, and a bronzing powder for a natural second-skin tanned effect. In just a few seconds, its magical texture melts into the skin to reveal a perfectly even complexion that simply glows with natural beauty.

As for my personal experience, the consistency feels very luxurious and creamy and it did leave my face feeling smooth, but since it’s already tanned it darkened my face more, which I didn’t like too much. Instead I used it on my shoulders and it did even out the non-tanned parts and the effect did not wear out. They offer the foundation in two shades, for blondes and for brunettes.


This product in particular is pricey at $49 for a 1 oz tube, but a little goes a long way. Guerlain has an ample selection of brozing products. Looking at their Terracota line it offers bronzing powders and spray that will help you either keep the tan you already have or give you a tan if you have none.


So if this summer you spent your time between cubicle walls or if you live in an area where you can’t get a good tan even if you want to, then try out these products and give yourself a well deserved glow.



Terracota Bronzing Powder



Terracota Light Sheer Bronzing Powder



Terracota Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder



Terracota Spray SPF 10


Got Pores? Not Anymore!

The little known secret for getting a natural-looking flawless complexion is to put on tons of stuff in your face. I have enormous crater-deep pores and it’s hard for me to get the smooth look, so I’m constantly checking on pore minimizers and decided to compare several brands.

My test consisted on using different brands of pore minimizers, then applying Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear 18 hour shine-free makeup and a dab of Nars Powder Foundation, the end result I’m looking for is a smooth complexion with a clean matte finish so I can pretend I was born that way.

Lancome Teint Idole Makeup

Nars Powder Foundation

The first product I tried on was Raw Skincare Andiroba Botanical Face Primer.

Raw Skincare Primer

This primer is a light cream that gives you a fresh feeling when applied. The makeup just glides on and from a foot away my skin looks smooth, but I could still see medium size pores when I take a close look. I give it a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

The next one I tried was Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer.

Smashbox Pore Line Primer

The cool thing about this primer is that its made to give heavy duty coverage for huge pores in the nose area as well cover fine lines. The product itself is a very heavy cream and I could immediately see the coverage on my pores. What I didn’t like was how hard it was to apply the foundation; because of the texture of the primer the foundation looked uneven, although the powder foundation worked well. My pores were greatly minimized but it took more effort to get the flawless look, I shudder to think how I would look if I was in a hurry. My rating is 8 out of 10.

Next it was Tarte Clean Slate

Tarte Clean Slate Primer

This one comes as a clear gel; when you first put it on you can’t see a difference on your face, but as soon as you glide on the foundation you can really tell. The final result is a very smooth finish that feels very light, I really like using this product. My rating is 9 out of 10.

Finally, I used Clinique Pore Minimizer t-zone shine control.

Clinique Pore Minimizer

This is a light and fluffy cream and the first time I applied it, I almost gasped. My pores were almost gone and with the application of makeup I looked amazing. This pore minimizer is designed to be applied under or over makeup in order to prevent shine. My favorite thing about this product is that you don’t have to add foundation to see a difference. If you need to go out for a quick errand, just add some pore minimizer, lip gloss, quick dash of mascara and you’re off. Clinique is the clear winner with a 9.5 out of 10.

Cargo Wet/Dry Foundation

This weekend was my sister’s birthday and part of the celebration included a trip to Sephora for some makeup, specifically, powder foundation. If you’ve ever been to Sephora, you might feel overwhelmed with the vast selection of products of brands you’ve never heard of. So the best thing to do is rely on the expertise of the beauty consultants there and let them help you find the perfect product.


In my sister’s case, the perfect product came from Cargo, with it’s trademark motto “Be*you*tiful”. According to their website:


In 1996, CARGO founder Hana Zalzal set out to create a professional color cosmetic line that top makeup artists would covet, yet would be easy enough for all women to enjoy. Working with some of the most talented make-up artists in the business, CARGO launched a multitude of award-winning products, never-before-seen packaging, and groundbreaking formulas.


Cargo offers products for face, eyes, lips, cheeks, as well as brushes and applicators. The product my sister got was Wet/Dry Foundation, a vitamin rich, two in one, powder foundation that combines the coverage of a liquid foundation and the setting properties of a powder in one easy step.

Cargo Wet/Dry Foundation

I tried it on myself, and I love it, really covered my pores and made my skin tone even. The packaging is really cool as well, when you open the compact you see the powder and the mirror, which opens up and stores the applicator.

Cargo_Wet/Dry Foundation

You can find the Wet/Dry Foundation in several stores, such as Sephora inside JC Penney and other independent retailers. The foundation retails for $28 dollars and Cargo does not test on animals.

PRIMER* talk – Perfecting with Primer

The power of primer should never be loss on any makeup wearer. In fact, you always want to prep & prime the skin to ensure that the makeup stays and that even the micro pore doesn’t magnify in photos. Oily skinned gals experience creasing, sliding — and makeup tends to make a disappearing act but not if you are smart and you prime your face & eyes. This is the makeup artist secret, its also the first step in perfecting skin to read flawless. Some great ones to try are:

Makeup Forever HD Primer, $32

image of Makeup Forever HD Primer

NARS Makeup Primer, $33

image of NARS makeup primer

Smashbox Photo Finish, $49

image of Smashbox Photo Finish

And after you’ve primed and added that quick glamor to meet your hot date, mist yourself with Skindinavia’s No More Shine Makeup Finish ($39) to preserve the look!

image of Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish, 4-Ounce Bottle

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