Creating a Hollywood Glamour / Mad Men Era / Retro home environment is a great way to add excitement to your home thanks to the bright colors, engaging patterns and the funky feel that are pertinent to the style of the 1960’s. Don’t be shy, show your nostalgia for one of they greatest decades…here are some ideas for how you can get the retro look at home.

image of Retro Curved Upholstered bedframe

Incorporate curved period style furniture into your home. Curved upholstery in bold colors or geographic prints fit right into the 1960’s period design scheme. A curved headboard is a great way to accomplish the 60’s vibe. This bedroom is made complete with the graphic print bedding, side chairs, graphic artworks and honeycomb decorative details.

image of Retro Sofa and side chair

Add feature furniture to your living room. Buy a retro sofa and side chair that are so brilliant they deserve to be the center of attention. Play down all surrounding decor and furnishing to help ‘feature’ the furniture. Keep walls and rugs neutral in color to complete the look.

image of striped walls

Paint walls with bold stripes, creating a two-tone effect using one dramatic hue for pure impact (black and white is solid choice).  Finish the look by adding statement decor, and solid color furniture.

image of Mixed Pattern Decor

Mix and match patterns to successfully complete the vintage family room scheme. Make sure the mix and match color palette is complementary. Geographic prints should be mixed with other graphic prints, stripes and solid colors. While florals should be mixed with other florals, stripes and solids.

image of large scale floral wallpaper

Choose large scale floral prints for your walls and fabric. The floral wallpaper effect is best pulled off on high-ceiling rooms because they have more space to display the pattern. Keep color palettes simple in rooms with colorful floral prints.

image of texture wallpaper

Give your wall a 3D effect with textured wallpapers. Textures create the perfect amount of stylishness without looking over done. This is my favorite look from the 60’s. Someday my house will be covered with textured walls (and hopefully leather walls).

image of retro chandelier

Incorporate a statement chandelier for the ultimate Hollywood glamour lighting.

To make your home decor interesting, learn about more Hollywood Glamour styles at UKTV and try to reinterpret them with help of modern materials. Or you can do the opposite and try and make modern things look a bit retro!