As the summer of 2010 comes to a beautiful close, I reflect on all of the successful fashion trends that were embraced. Jumpsuits made a glorious come back while harem pants made a splash that no one saw coming! I was recently looking at some other style blogs and I came across someone’s list of the worst trends this summer. I was blown away because everything the blogger listed, I loved! Printed pants? All for them! Ripped jeans? That should be the trademark of my generation! I admit there was one that I had never even heard of (rabbit ears!?), but other than that I found myself saying to myself “but I like that!”. There was only one I had to agree with… the boot sandal. Although I haven’t seen them in action very often, the few times I have has made me do a double take.

bootie sandal

Are they this years crocs? I don’t know if I would go that far. They don’t have the same cult following and they aren’t THAT ugly. But I would say, in my humble opinion, that the boot sandal is the worst summer 2010 trend. With that being said… they really aren’t all that terrible.. so that just goes to show that fashion trends had a good summer this year!

open toe bootie ankle sandals

open tow boot sandal