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Items On My Wishlist

wishlist fall 2011

Favorite Color Combinations

Day Two of my 30 Day Lifestyle Blogging Challenge is about my favorite colors. Those of you who know me well know I have a ton of muted solids in my wardrobe – and hardly anything else. My closet wasn’t always stacked this way. Over the past few years I’ve refined my wardrobe in hopes of pulling off a more mature, professional look, and that’s where use of solids and subtle prints came into play. Right now I’m all about neutrals, and shades of green. Here is a palette that works well for me. The colors complement my fair/olive skin, green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Bonus: these colors are on trend through 2012!

image of pantone-pallett

Of course, I like Black Coffee the most. I think I could live in all black every day of my life and just accessories with bright, stand-out pieces. Tyler (my husband) doesn’t understand why I wear so much black, or why I have so many LBD’s. I don’t have a good answer – I just think black looks chic and clean (until it fades and becomes trashy).

10 eCommerce Stores I Shop Most Often

Day One of the 30 Day Lifestyle Blogging Challenge is about the eCom stores I shop regularly. For the record, I try a ton of new eCom stores all the time.  I do AT LEAST 80% of my shopping online – I buy just about everything this way, aside from groceries.

Here are the 10 places I spend most of my money:

jcrew logourban outfitters logo

amazon logo warehouse logo
ruelala logo


madewell logo

asos logosephora logo

Why I love these stores:

  • J.Crew always has great seasonal staples in awesome colors.
  • Urban Outfitters inventory team buys everything in EXCESS – so nearly everything that comes through this store gets heavily discounted. I ONLY look at their sale section.
  • Amazon is an obvious one. I just found out that they sell my favorite moisturizer.
  • ideeli is the best flash sale site around.
  • Running Warehouse ships everything 2-day, and has great deals on everything for working out; not just running.
  • RueLaLa is the second best flash sale site around.
  • is the best place to buy everything for your skin. They share a shopping cart with allowing you to really fill the cart!
  • Madewell is a great store for trendy pieces. But if I buy too much there I’ll look just like Kristyn (Madewell is her obsession).
  • ASOS has the best product pages ever, it’s hard not to buy everything they sell!
  • Sephora is my favorite place to replenish makeup and perfumes.

30 Day Lifestyle Blogging Challenge

image of 30 Day ChallengeI’m stealing this 30 Day Challenge idea from one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Mira Torres of The Beauty Bohemian. I Hope you enjoy learning about me!

If you also blog, I encourage you to join in on this challenge too! Please leave links to your site in the comments if you start the challenge so that I can read it.

Topics By Day:

  1. 10 eCommerce stores I shop most often
  2. My favorite color combinations
  3. What’s in my purse
  4. The meaning behind the name “Style Bust”
  5. Items on my wish list
  6. Greatest accomplishment today
  7. Favorite band of the moment
  8. A picture taken of me today
  9. Weekly rituals
  10. A book I love
  11. A photo of something I ate today
  12. My celebrity crush(es)
  13. Something I don’t leave the apartment without
  14. Today I donated the following garments
  15. What I decided to do with my free time today
  16. Top 3 SF fashion designers
  17. Today’s playlist
  18. A habit I wish I didn’t have
  19. My guilty pleasures
  20. Things I’d rather be doing right now
  21. A fashion trend I miss
  22. 3 of my favorite people to follow on Twitter
  23. A picture of my living room
  24. Top 5 cities I’d like to visit
  25. Today I saw
  26. Bulleted list of my entire day
  27. Top 3 TV shows
  28. What I wore today
  29. DIYs I want to try
  30. 3 things that have happened in the last 30 days
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