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Top 15 Fitness Gifts

Thanksgiving 15?  No thanks!  How about top 15 fitness gifts designed to shed extra inches, sculpt and tone muscles, and keep pounds off?  Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the self-identified fitness focused, take a cue from these top gift ideas for healthy eating and active lifestyles.  From inspirational books and tools to clothing and DVDs, get your Brazilian butt and eat your homemade yogurt, too!

  1. In Believe It, Be It, Ali Vincent shares her intimate story of personal and physical transformation and details her experience on the hit NBC series Biggest Loser. From weight-loss strategies, eating habits, and workout tips that helped her lose—and keep off—more than 100 pounds, Ali tells all.  Her story is inspiring and uplifting!
  2. Fans of the Biggest Loser and fitness nuts will love Are You Ready! Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Change Your Life Forever by Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser, shares his prescription for lasting weight loss used on contestants to achieve inspiring results. In addition to weight loss techniques, Harpers addresses the root of negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors and replaces them with self-worth and confidence. Take Charge? Yes, please!
  3. Making nutritious meals does not have to mean eating bland food!  This Herb Savor Mini pod is perfect for your kitchen gadget lover and your fitness freak who loves to incorporate healthful flavorful pizazz to their dishes.
  4. The active people on your shopping list and fans of the show will love the The Biggest Loser Workout Power Sculpt DVD!  Power-training trio Bob, Kim, and Jillian show successful sculpting techniques to increase strength, blast maximum calories and transform bodies in a minimum time for maximum results!
  5. Preparing produce is a cinch with the Cook Yourself Thin Fresh Produce Prep Set.  Fans of the British hit series and Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook and kitchen gadget lovers alike will love this prep kit to help master meal time and trim inches!
  6. International super star chef Jamie Oliver’s book Food Revolution Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals is just that.  Foodies and fitness folks will enjoy his tips on how to cook good food from scratch for the whole family.
  7. Jillian Michaels, weight loss guru of Biggest Loser, shows you how to Master Your Metabolism in her cookbook with 125 recipes designed to help maintain metabolic hormonal balance and reach health and fitness goals.
  8. Designed specifically for women using Dynamic Inertia technology, the Shake Weight tones arms, shoulders, and even chest muscles in just six minutes a day without building bulk!
  9. Built with form-fitting sport leather and closed-cell foam padding for ultimate protection, get your fighter the UFC Ultimate Training Shoe that has the patented training system construction for durability and comfort.
  10. Professional dancer cum fitness phenomenon, Brazilian Leandro Carvalho designed the Triangle Training Method aka Brazil Butt Lift to attack the major muscles of the gluteus maximus.  Gift the best kept secret to achieving a perfect firm and toned Brazilian “bum bum!”
  11. Ab workouts in half the time with better results?  Yes, it’s possible!  Trainer Leslee Bender developed the Bender Ball, which makes work outs 408% more effective.  Using the ball and Bender’s method of selective stabilization techniques on DVD, immediately target core ab muscles from all sides for beautiful sculpted abs!
  12. Built to perform and outlast the competition, gift your fighter lady the no frills, all business, knockout TapouT Women’s Performance Bra Top.  It’s cute, too.
  13. UFC’s Twisted Zip Hoodie keeps muscles warmed up and makes a style statement.  Made of 100% cotton and featuring a burnout pattern, this piece is the perfect outerwear piece to and from the gym.
  14. For the homemaker, foodie, or purist, the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker is the perfect strategy to a healthful diet, allowing the user to control sweetness, ingredients and fat content.  In a matter of 6-8 hours, this economical piece makes up to two quarts of yogurt!  What a win-win!
  15. The Biggest Loser At Home Challenge DVD incorporates strength building, cardio, and flexibility workouts for four weeks of at home fitness instruction, so you can achieve beginner to winner results!

Saint Augustine Academy Spring/Summer 2012

Simplicity always looks great – a fact that the designers at Saint Augustine Academy know very well. They put together some crisp looks for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Clean, slim-cut slacks anchor these looks, providing an easy base for classic shirts that create a lightweight look for the warmer months. The muted tones play well together, fostering looks that are easy on the eyes, but not easy enough to put you to sleep. Sandals and heeled cowboy boots don’t normally work with such polished looks, but the footwear displayed in these lookbook images look beautifully worn in and still work with the ensembles. I’m a huge fan of what they’ve done for Spring/Summer 2012.

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-1

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-2

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-3

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-4

image of Saint-Augustine-Academy-SS12-Mens-5

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